Corey Lemonier NFL Draft Profile

Corey Lemonier, Junior, Defensive End, Auburn



Auburn has had some good linemen come out in the draft in recent years, and Corey Lemonier is no exception.  He’s got a good motor and gives quarterbacks fits in the backfield.  He had 12 hurries in 2012 to go along with his 5.5 sacks.  He’s a junior with two consecutive solid seasons that put him in the draft conversation.  He is not as productive as some other defensive linemen in this draft so he will have to go on athleticism to prove his worth.  He’s a player that screams upside.


Final Projection:

Lemonier does not have gaudy numbers that are anything comparable to some tackles in this class.  His production even dropped slightly this year from 2011.  Still, teams are going to see a guy that can get into the backfield and create some issues for the offense.  Strong testing at the combine should help his cause.  He seems like a solid second-rounder right now.


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