NFL Draft Watch - Week 12 Football

Kansas State College Football Arthur Brown Jr.

NFL Draft Watch Week 12

Last Saturday, when the time on the scoreboard flashed 0:00 it became official. After jumping offside on a punt, the mighty Crimson Tide lost any shot they had at completing their comeback, as the victorious Aggies kneeled down to melt away the remainder of the clock, earning them a titanic upset over the number one team in the nation. However, as Texas A&M rushed onto the field to celebrate, they were not the only ones rejoicing. Not only have many people wanted to see a non-SEC team in the National Championship, giving reason enough for many fans to celebrate, but as K-State and Oregon rolled to victory, they too were able to rejoice in the ranking bump. Now with the Wildcats the number one team in the nation, it only seems fitting to up their star linebacker, Arthur Brown Jr., on the Draft Watch as his team and their tenacious defense face a high flying Baylor Bears offense.


Game to Watch: Kansas State at Baylor

When at Where to Watch: November 17 at 8:00 PM on ESPN

Who to Watch: Kansas State LB Arthur Brown Jr.

What to Watch for: The Kansas State defense is one of the best in the nation. They are both physical and talented. They are led by senior linebacker Arthur Brown Jr. He is the ideal football player in terms of characteristics, but lacks prototypical NFL size, which hurts his draft stock. Standing at 6’1 and weighing in at 228 pounds, Brown Jr. is by no means small, but for an NFL linebacker he is undersized. However, you will be hard-pressed to find a player who will work harder or be a better leader than Brown. He is a very explosive player and uses his quickness to his advantage. Teams will have questions about his effectiveness versus big offensive linemen, but in college he will not get much of a chance to prove otherwise. On Saturday the Wildcats will need their defensive leader to be at the top of his game to retain their number one national ranking, as they take on an explosive offense.  On Saturday watch for the explosive number 4 when the Wildcats are on defense. Check to see how he does versus both the run and the pass.

When watching film on Brown Jr., many times he can be seen getting swallowed up by bigger players, especially during the run, then pop out and make the play. That cannot happen in the NFL. You need to be able to make the play in the hole. If Brown Jr. disappears too much during the play, scouts will just write him off as another great college player and great person, but just not cut out for the National Football League. It is crucial that Brown Jr. shows how well he can tackle. Showing up is just half the battle.  Then you have to make the play. He needs to prove he can tackle anyone from anywhere on the field. Tackling is a critical issue at the next level; if you struggle to tackle in college you will not be successful in the NFL, end of story. Also look out for Brown on pass plays. Because of his relatively small stature, teams expect that he is quicker and a better coverage linebacker than most. Brown Jr. needs to prove this sediment true. With the NFL turning into a pass first league, speedy linebackers who can cover are become more in style, and Brown could help his stock quite a bit just by proving that his floor, or the worst case scenario for his development, is a nickel or third down linebacker and a special team player. That alone will ensure that he gets drafted. Brown Jr. is the type of person and leader that any team would love to have, now he just needs to prove he belongs with the big boys.


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