Florida State Women's Soccer 2012 NCAA Tournament Capsule

Florida State Seminoles


The Florida State Seminole women’s soccer team has been the most consistent squad in the nation during the 2012 regular season, even while facing the stiff competition in the ACC.  Florida State rose up to the challenge and secured the regular season championship against a level of in-conference competition that is like no other. Thus, heading into the 2012 NCAA Tournament, the Seminoles will be a team on a mission and attempt to finally break the national championship door down and win its first national title.

2012 Record: 16-3-0, 8-2-0
Coach: Mark Krikorian

Good Results: 8/31 Florida (1-0), 9/16 Wake Forest (1-0), 10/28 Boston College (4-0)
Bad Results: 10/18 at Boston College (2-3), 10/25 at Miami (0-1), 11/2 vs Virginia (2-4)

Why They Can Surprise:
The ability to defend at an elite level is a huge asset for the Seminoles. In previous years towards the end of the season, the defense has let down enough to make it hard for the explosive offense to overcome.  Another asset is the fact that this experienced squad, led by senior Tiffany McCarty, has the familiarity of making a deep run into the postseason and knows what it takes to return to the College Cup. In addition, the gauntlet of the ACC schedule should have this team very prepared for the November sprint to the College Cup in San Diego. No matter what happens in the ACC Tournament, Florida State should have one of the top four national seeds already on lock-down and be at home all the way through until the College Cup.

Why They Can Disappoint:
The Seminoles have played a ton of one goal matches in 2012. Thus, there is a potential for concern if they were to fall behind early in a match in the postseason. If Florida State were to fall behind early and have to push extra numbers forward to get back into a match, how will that affect their ability to defend at an elite level? The ability to defend all season long is a huge reason why the Seminoles won the ACC, and will be a top national seed. They are going to need to continue to defend and consistently finish scoring chances in the attacking end to make it to San Diego and the College Cup.

Key Strikers:
Tiffany McCarty, Senior, 10 goals, 4 assists
Jessica Price, Senior, 2 goals, 7 assists
Jamia Fields, Sophomore, 1 goal, 7 assists
Key Midfielders:
Dagny Brynjarsdottir, Sophomore, 7 goals, 6 assists
Isabella Schmid, Freshman, 0 goals, 1 assist
Casey Short, Senior, 0 goals, 2 assists

Key Defenders:
Kristin Grubka, Sophomore, 5 goals, 4 assists
Ines Jaurena, Senior, 3 goals, 2 assists
Tiana Brockway, Senior, 2 goals, 2 assists

Key Goalkeepers:
Kelsey Wys, Junior, 0.65 goals against average, .836 save percentage, 9 shutouts

By the Numbers:
Scoring Offense: 2.11 (35th in nation, 5th in conference)
Goals-Against Average: 0.388 (1, 1)
Shutout Percentage: 0.788 (1, 1)
Save Percentage: 0.887 (3, 1)

Recent Postseason Appearances:
Florida State    2011    First Round        Defeated Samford
Florida State    2011    Second Round    Defeated Portland
Florida State    2011    Third Round        Defeated Louisville
Florida State    2011    Quarterfinals        Defeated Virginia
Florida State    2011    National Semifinals    Lost to Stanford
Florida State    2010    First Round        Defeated Middle Tennessee
Florida State    2010    Second Round    Defeated USF
Florida State    2010    Third Round        Defeated Marquette
Florida State    2010    Quarterfinals        Lost to Stanford
Florida State    2009    First Round        Defeated Southeastern Louisiana
Florida State    2009    Second Round    Defeated California
Florida State    2009    Third Round        Defeated Texas A&M
Florida State    2009    Quarterfinals        Lost to Notre Dame
Florida State    2008    First Round        Defeated Mississippi Valley
Florida State    2008    Second Round    Defeated Auburn
Florida State    2008    Third Round        Defeated Boston College
Florida State    2008    Quarterfinals        Lost to Notre Dame
Florida State    2007    First Round        Defeated Kennesaw State
Florida State    2007    Second Round    Defeated LSU
Florida State    2007    Third Round        Defeated Texas   
Florida State    2007    Quarterfinals        Defeated Connecticut
Florida State    2007    National Semifinals    Defeated Notre Dame
Florida State    2007    National Finals    Lost to USC
Fresno State    2010    First Round        Lost to UCF
Fresno State    2008    First Round        Lost to UCLA
Fresno State    2005    First Round        Lost to Santa Clara
Fresno State    1999    First Round        Lost to Cal Poly

*all team stats through 10/28


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