Who might be the top prospects to emerge from college football in the coming year?

Although professional sports get a lot of attention, the college scene is as vibrant as ever. This is actually great news for pro sports, as it means that there is a steady stream of young talent coming into it regularly. Football is one sport that has an outstanding college set-up to tap into. Of course, college football is also popular because it is fun to watch, allows people to support their local team, and gives students on campus something exciting to watch when not in class.
While college football is in its offseason currently, the new season is due to start at the end of August 2021. This means that now is a great time to find out how your team is likely to fare in the coming year and how likely they are to take a shot at the National Championship. While you are checking out college football check out the NFL betting odds which provide even bigger betting markets for football fans.
You might also keep an eye out for news on individual college players and the odds given for them to make the 2022 NFL Draft. This is not only exciting but will also keep you updated on the top talent in college ball. Which players might be poised to step into the pro game soon? Although there is a whole season to play yet where anything could happen, the below look to be the top college players who should make 2022’s NFL Draft.
Spencer Rattler
When it comes to looking at the best college talent for the 2022 NFL Draft, quarterbacks get a lot of attention. Oklahoma’s Spencer Rattler is one of the best in the college game and a strong season this year should see him in the mix. His best attributes are decent arm strength, good long-range passing, and a knack for protecting the ball. A strong 2020 campaign sees him in prime position for the Heisman Trophy in 2021/22. There is no doubt that he has developed nicely over time and plays for a program with an excellent record of launching starting quarterbacks into the NFL.
Kayvon Thibodeaux
One hot tip that many involved in college football have is Oregon’s pass rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux. While he might have the frame of a Chase Young, Thibodeaux is quick and has a knack for pressuring the opposing quarterback in multiple ways. Although he can seem to switch off in games at times, he is a dominant force when in the zone. A good season in the coming year will put him on many NFL teams’ radars.
Derek Stingley Jr
LSU are one of the top sides in college ball and have produced hot draft prospects before (such as Joe Burrow in the 2021 NFL Draft). Many think that cornerback Derek Stingley Jr is the next superstar in waiting from the LSU Tigers. He has a 92.0 coverage grade on targets of 20 yards plus since 2019, for example. This puts him as the number one cornerback in college football! He certainly has the strength, awareness and speed to be a top CB in the pro game.
Malik Willis
Although Spencer Rattler is arguably being talked about more as a quarterback prospect, there are other college players in this position who are pushing hard. Liberty’s Malik Willis is one. With a very strong arm, he can launch the ball with stunning velocity and accuracy. Willis is also an excellent runner and this gives his game true versatility. If Liberty have another good campaign next year with Willis running the show, expect to see him make the 2022 Draft.
2021/22 should be a great season for college football
After the disruption of last year, the coming season in college football looks set to be a cracker. This is helped greatly by the amount of awesome young talent that will be on show. Of course, the very best will be eyeing a move into the pro game if they enjoy a decent season. While it is very early yet to see just who might emerge from the college game to make 2022’s Draft, the above seem like the hottest prospects.