2021 NFL Draft and Free Agent Selections by Team


This is simply a list showing each team’s draft selections together with their undrafted free agent signings after the draft.  Some teams such as the NY Giants have very few UDFA as they are already at the 90 man roster limit set by the NFL for this time of the year.  The Patriots as of this date haven’t declared any UDFA signings as they may also be at the roster limit, keeping in mind that they spent around 300 million in signing free agent NFL players and have 7 players returning who opted out of the 2020 season.

The players listed after the last draft choice are the Undrafted Free Agents.  This information isn’t always 100% accurate as it comes from different sources. Each NFL team is allowed to bring in an additional 5 players for a tryout and who don’t count against the 90 man roster limit.  If a player impresses enough at the tryout and get signed, then that team has to cut a player to keep the roster at 90.  This list may not include all of the tryout players.  Also, some teams normally sign as many as 20 or more UDFA but because of the NCAA rule allowing players to return to college for an additional year, which many opted to do, the pool of UDFA was substantial reduced.  An S is for some players that I deem could be much better than were drafted or signed.  A Sleeper could only be a player from the 4th round or later.


Arizona Cardinals                                                                                                               

Round 1: No. 16 Zaven Collins, LB (Tulsa)
Round 2: No. 49 Rondale Moore, WR (Purdue)
Round 4: No. 136 (from Ravens) Marco Wilson, CB (Florida)
Round 6: No. 210 (from Ravens) Victor Dimukeje, LB (Duke)
Round 6: No. 223 (from Vikings) Tay Gowan, CB (Central Florida)
Round 7: No. 243 James Wiggins, S (Cincinnati)
Round 7: No. 247 (from Bears through Raiders) Michal Menet, C (Penn State)                 

Lorenzo Burns, CB, Arizona                                                                                                          

Cary Angeline, TE, N.C. State                                                                                                    

Cameron Murray, DT, Okla. St.                                                                                                        

Bruno Labelle, TE, Cincinnati


Atlanta Falcons                                                                                                                         

Round 1: No. 4 Kyle Pitts, TE (Florida)
Round 2: No. 40 (from Broncos) S Richie Grant (Central Florida)
Round 3: No. 68 Jalen Mayfield, OT (Michigan)
Round 4: No. 108: Darren Hall, CB (SDSU)
Round 4: No. 114 (from Broncos) Drew Dalman, C (Stanford)
Round 5: No. 148 Ta’Quon Graham, DT (Texas)
Round 5: No. 182 Adetokunbo Ogundeji, DE (Notre Dame)
Round 5: No. 183 Avery Williams, CB (Boise State)
Round 6: No. 187 Frank Darby, WR (Arizona State)                                                                    

Feleipe Franks, QB, Arkansas                                                                                                          

Antonio Nunn, WR, Buffalo                                                                                                            

Marcus Murphy, DS, Mississippi State                                                                                  

Erroll Thompson, ILB, Mississippi State                                                                                       

Bryce Hargrove, G, Pitt   S                                                                                                                          

Ryan Neutz, G, Appalachian State                                                                                                           

Kobe Jones, DE, Mississippi State                                                                                                     

Caleb Huntley, RB, Ball State                                                                                             

Javian Hawkins, RB, Louisville                                                                                                       

Dwayne Johnson, DS, San Diego St.                                                                                                             

Eli Howard, DE, Texas Tech                                                                                                               

Joe Sculthorpe, G, N.C. State                                                                                                      

Kion Smith, T, Fayetteville State                                                                                                    

Austin Trammell, WR, Rice                                                                                                                          

Jack Batho, IV, T, So. Dak. School of Mines                                                                                

J.R. Pace, DB, Northwestern                                                                                                           

Alani Pututau, Edge, Adams State                                                                                       

Dorian Etherige, ILB, Louisville


Baltimore Ravens                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 27 Rashod Bateman, WR (Minnes0ta)
Round 1: No. 31 (from Chiefs) Jayson Oweh, DE (Penn State)
Round 3: No. 94 (from Chiefs) Ben Cleveland, G (Georgia)
Round 3: No. 104 Brandon Stephens, CB (SMU)
Round 4: No. 131 Tylan Wallace, WR (Oklahoma State)
Round 5: No. 160 (from Cardinals) Shaun Wade, CB (Ohio State)
Round 5: No. 171 Daelin Hayes, LB (Notre Dame)
Round 5: No. 184 Ben Mason, FB (Michigan)                                                                            

Ar’Darius Washington, DS, TCU                                                                                                       

Nate McCrary, RB, Saginaw Valley St.                                                                                           

Sam Cooper, G, Merrimack                                                                                                                       

Tony Poljan, TE, Virginia                                                                                                                       

Adrian Ealy, T, Oklahoma                                                                                                  

Xavier Kelly, DT, Arkansas                                                                                                                        

Foster Sarell, T, Stanford                                                                                                                 

Blake Gallagher, LB, Northwestern                                                                                              

Donte Sylencieux, WR, Graceland


Buffalo Bills                                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 30 Gregory Rousseau, DL (Miami)
Round 2: No. 61 Carlos Basham Jr., DE (Wake Forest)
Round 3: No. 93 Spencer Brown, OT (Northern Iowa)
Round 5: No. 161 (from Raiders) Tommy Doyle, OT (Miami (Ohio))
Round 6: No. 203 Marquez Stevenson, WR (Houston)
Round 6: No. 212 (from Saints via Texans) Damar Hamlin, S (Pittsburgh)
Round 6: No. 213 Rachad Wildgoose, CB (Wisconsin)
Round 7: No. 236 (from Panthers) Jack Anderson, G (Texas Tech)                                                        

Nick McCloud, CB, Notre Dame    S                                                                                                        

Tre Walker, WR, San Jose St.                                                                                                   

Quentin Morris, TE, Bowling Green                                                                                                   

Tariq Thompson, DS, San Diego St.                                                                                             

Syrus Tuitele, T, Fresno State                                                                                                         

Olaijah Griffin, CB, USC


Carolina Panthers                                                                                                               

Round 1: No. 8 Jaycee Horn, CB (South Carolina)
Round 2: No. 59 (from Browns) Terrace Marshall Jr., WR (LSU)
Round 3: No. 70 (from Eagles) Brady Christensen, OT (BYU)
Round 3: No. 83 (from Bears) Tommy Tremble, TE (Notre Dame)
Round 4: No. 113 Chuba Hubbard, RB (Oklahoma State)
Round 5: No. 158 Daviyon Nixon, DT (Iowa)
Round 5: No. 166 (from Titans) Keith Taylor, CB (Washington)
Round 6: No. 204 (from Bears) Shi Smith, WR (South Carolina)
Round 6: No. 222 Thomas Fletcher, LS (Alabama)
Round 7: No. 232 (from Titans) Phil Hoskins, DT (Kentucky)                                                          

David Moore, G, Grambling                                                                                                            

Spencer Brown, RB, UAB                                                                                                               

Paddy Fisher, ILB, Northwestern                                                                                    

Peyton Ramsey, QB, Northwestern                                                                                               

Mason Stokke, FB, Wisconsin                                                                                                       

Oscar Draguicevich, P, Wash. St.


Chicago Bears                                                                                                                         

Round 1: No. 11 (from Giants) Justin Fields, QB (Ohio State)
Round 2: No. 39 (from Panthers) OT Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State)
Round 5: No. 151 (from Panthers) Larry Borom, OT (Missouri)     S
Round 6: No. 217 (from Seahawks) Khalil Herbert, RB (Virginia Tech)
Round 6: No. 221 Dazz Newsome, WR (North Carolina)
Round 6: No. 228 Thomas Graham Jr., CB (Oregon)
Round 7: No. 250 (from Seahawks) Khyiris Tonga, DT (BYU)                                                     

Charles Snowden, Edge, Vir. - good one but will probably sit for a yr. as has broken ankle. 

Caleb Johnson, LB, Houston Baptist                                                                                                   

C. J. Marable, RB, Coastal Carolina                                                                                            

Gunnar Vogel, T, Northwestern                                                                                                          

Gage Cervenko, G, Clemson                                                                                                   

Darauan Parker, G, Mississippi State                                                                                                  

Sam Kamara, DT, Stony Brook                                                                                              

Thomas Schaffer, DE, Stanford                                                                                            

Dionte Ruffin, DB, Western Kentucky                                                                           

Daniel Archibong, DT, Temple                                                                                                          

Scooter Harrington, TE, Stanford


Cincinnati Bengals                                                                                                               

Round 1: No. 5 Ja’Marr Chase, WR (LSU)
Round 2: No. 46 (from Patriots) Jackson Carman, OT (Clemson)
Round 3: No. 69 Joseph Ossai, DE (Texas)
Round 4: No. 111 Cameron Sample, DE (Tulane)
Round 4: No. 122 Tyler Shelvin, DT (LSU)
Round 4: No. 139 D’ante Smith, OT (East Carolina)
Round 5: No. 149 Evan McPherson, K (Florida)
Round 6: No. 190 Trey Hill, C (Georgia)      S
Round 7: No. 202 (from Dolphins through Texans) Chris Evans, RB (Michigan)
Round 7: No. 235 (from Lions through Seahawks) Wyatt Hubert, DE (Kansas State)         

Antonio Phillips, CB, Ball State                                                                                                        

Pooka Williams, RB, Kansas                                                                                               

Darius Hodge, DE, Marshall                                                                                                            

Riley Lees, WR, Northwestern                                                                                                           

Pro Wells, TE, TCU                                                                                                                                 

Collin Hill, QB, South Carolina                                                                                                       

Drue Chrisman, P, Ohio State


Cleveland Browns                                                                                                                             

Round 1: No. 26 Greg Newsome II, CB (Northwestern)
Round 2: No. 52 (from Panthers) Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, LB (Notre Dame)
Round 3: No. 91 (from Saints) Anthony Schwartz, WR (Auburn)
Round 4: No. 110 (from Eagles) James Hudson, OT (Cincinnati)
Round 4: No. 132 Tommy Togiai, DT (Ohio State)
Round 5: No. 153 (from Lions) Tony Fields II, LB (West Virginia)
Round 5: No. 169 (from Rams) Richard Lecounte III, S (Georgia)
Round 6: No. 211 Demetric Felton, RB (UCLA)                                                                           

Marvin Wilson, DT, Florida State                                                                                         

Romeo McKnight, DE, Charlotte                                                                                                          

Tre Harbison, III, RB, Charlotte                                                                                                      

Manny Rugamba, CB, Miami (Ohio).                                                                                            

Kiondre Thomas, CB, Kansas State


Dallas Cowboys                                                                                                                      

Round 1: No. 12 (from 49ers through Dolphins through Eagles) Micah Parsons, LB (Penn St.)
Round 2: No. 44 Kelvin Joseph, CB (Kentucky)
Round 3: No. 75 Osa Odighuzua, DT (UCLA)
Round 3: No. 84 (from Colts through Eagles) Chauncey Golston, DE (Iowa)
Round 3: No. 99 Nahshon Wright, CB (Oregon State)
Round 4: No. 115 Jabril Cox, LB (NDSU, LSU)
Round 4: No. 138 Josh Ball, OT (Marshall)
Round 5: No. 179 Simi Fehoko, WR (Stanford)
Round 6: No. 192 (from Lions) Quinton Bohanna, DT (Kentucky)
Round 6: No. 227 Israel Mukuamu, CB (South Carolina)
Round 7: No. 238 Matt Farniok, G (Nebraska)                                                                               

Brennan Eagles, WR, Texas                                                                                                                      

T. J. Vasher, WR, Texas Tech                                                                                       

Osirus Mitchell, WR, Mississippi State                                                                                        

Brandon Smith, WR, Iowa                                                                                                                    

Nick Eubanks, TE, Michigan                                                                                              

Artayvious Lynn, TE, TCU                                                                                                             

Brenden Knox, RB, Marshall                                                                                                  

Jaquan Hardy, RB, Tiffin                                                                                                              

Anthony Hines, LB, Texas A&M                                                                                                  

Braylon Jones, G/C, Houston                                                                                               

Austin Faoliu, DT, Oregon             


Denver Broncos                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 9 Patrick Surtain II, CB (Alabama)
Round 2: No. 35 (from Falcons) Javonte Williams, RB (North Carolina)
Round 3: No. 98 (from Saints): Quinn Meinerz, G (Wisconsin-Whitewater)
Round 3: No. 105 (from Saints) Baron Browning, LB (Ohio State)
Round 5: No. 152 Caden Sterns, S (Texas)
Round 5: No. 164 (from Bears via Giants) Jamar Johnson, S (Indiana)
Round 6: No. 219 (from Falcons) Seth Williams, WR (Auburn)
Round 7: No. 237 Kary Vincent Jr., CB (LSU)
Round 7: No. 239 (from Giants) Jonathon Cooper, LB (Ohio State)
Round 7: No. 253 (from Browns) Marquiss Spencer, DL (Mississippi State)                                    

Andre Mintze, Edge, Vanderbilt     S                                                                                                    

Nolan Laufenberg, G, Air Force                                                                                                       

Drew Himmelman, T, Illinois State                                                                                                        

Shaun Beyer, TE, Iowa                                                                                                       

Curtis Robinson, LB, Stanford                                                                                                    

Warren Jackson, WR, Colorado State                                                                                        

Devontae Dukes, WR, USF                                                                                                             

Landon Rice, TE, Jacksonville State                                                                                   

Branden Mack, WR, Temple                                                                                                    

Adam Prentice, FB, Colorado State                                                                                                   

Mac McCain, III, CB, NC A&T                                                                                                    

David Curry, LB, Georgia Tech                                              


Detroit Lions                                                                                                                       

Round 1: No. 7 Penei Sewell, OT (Oregon)
Round 2: No. 41 Levi Onwuzurike, DT (Washington)
Round 3: No. 72 Alim McNeill, DT (North Carolina State)
Round 3: No. 101 (from Rams) Ifeatu Melifonwu, CB (Syracuse)
Round 4: No. 112 Amon-Ra St. Brown, WR (USC)
Round 4: No. 113 (from Panthers through Browns) Derrick Barnes, LB (Purdue)
Round 7: No. 257 Jermar Jefferson, RB (Oregon State)                                                              

Jonathan Adams, Jr., WR, Arkansas State                                                                                

Javon McKinley, WR, Notre Dame                                                                                                                 

Sage Surratt, WR, Wake Forest                                                                                                                 

Brock Wright, TE, Notre Dame                                                                                                     

Dedrick Mills, RB, Nebraska                                                                                                          

Rakeem Boyd, RB, Arkansas                                                                                                            

Tommy Kraemer, G, Notre Dame                                                                                                 

Drake Johnson, C, Kentucky                                                                                                        

Tavante Beckett, LB, Marshall                                                                                                            

Jerry Jacobs, CB, Arkansas                                                                                                                   

D’Angelo Amos, DS, Virginia                                                                                                            

A. J. Parker, CB, Kansas St.                     


Green Bay Packers                                                                                                               

Round 1: No. 29 Eric Stokes, CB (Georgia)
Round 2: No. 62 Josh Myers, C (Ohio State)
Round 3: No. 85 (from Titans) Amari Rodgers, WR (Clemson)
Round 4: No. 142 Royce Newman, OG (Ole Miss)
Round 5: No. 173 Tedarrell Slaton, DT (Florida)
Round 5: No. 178 Shemar Jean-Charles, CB (Appalachian State)
Round 6: No. 214 Cole Van Lanen, G (Wisconsin)
Round 6: No. 220 Isaiah McDuffie, LB (Boston College)
Round 7: No. 256 Kylin Hill, RB (Mississippi State)                                                                     

Christian Uphoff, DS, Illinois State                                                                                                             

Jack Heflin, DT, Iowa                                                                                                                 

Carlo Kemp, DL, Michigan                                                                                                                          

John Capra, G. San Diego State                                                                                                         

Jon Dietzen, G, Wisconsin                                                                                                                          

Coy Cronk, T, Iowa                                                                                                                                  

Bailey Gaither, WR, San  Jose St.


Houston Texans                                                                                                                   

Round 3: No. 67 Davis Mills, QB (Stanford)
Round 3: No. 89 (from Browns via Panthers) Nico Collins, WR (Michigan)
Round 5: No. 147 Brevin Jordan, TE (Miami)
Round 5: No. 170 Garret Wallow, LB (TCU)
Round 6: No. 195 (from Cowboys through Patriots) Roy Lopez, DT (Arizona)                                 

Ryan McCollum, C, Texas A&M                                                                                                   

Carson Green, T, Texas A&M                                                                                                   

Marlon Williams, WR, UCF                                                                                                             

Damon Hazelton, WR, Missouri


Indianapolis Colts                                                                                                              

Round 1: No. 21 Kwity Paye, DL (Michigan)
Round 2: No. 54 Dayo Odeyingbo, DL (Vanderbilt)
Round 4: No. 127 Kylen Granson, TE (SMU)
Round 5: No. 165 Shawn Davis, S (Florida)
Round 6: No. 218 (from Saints) Sam Ehlinger, QB (Texas)
Round 7: No. 229 (from Jaguars via Saints) Mike Strachan, WR (Charleston (W.V.))
Round 7: No. 248 Will Fries, OT (Penn State)                                                                                       

Tyler Vaughns, WR, USC                                                                                                                

Isaiah Kaufusi, OLB, BYU                                                                                                                    

Deon Jackson, RB, Duke                                                                                                               

Tarik Black, WR, Texas                                                                                                                

Anthony Butler, LB, Liberty


Jacksonville Jaguars                                                                                                            

Round 1: No. 1 Trevor Lawrence, QB (Clemson)
Round 1: No. 25 (from Rams) Travis Etienne, RB (Clemson)
Round 2: No. 33: Tyson Campbell, CB (Georgia)
Round 2: No. 45 (from Vikings) Walker Little, OT (Stanford)
Round 3: No. 65 Andre Cisco, S (Syracuse)
Round 4: No. 106 Jay Tufele, DT (USC)
Round 4: No. 121 (from Raiders via 49ers via Rams) Jordan Smith, DE (Alabama-Birmingham)
Round 5: No. 145 Luke Farrell, TE (Ohio State)
Round 6: No. 208 (from Rams): Jalen Camp, WR (Georgia Tech)                                          

Dylan Moses, ILB, Alabama                                                                                                                

Josh Imatorbhebhe, WR, Illinois                                                                                                                      

D. J. Daniel, CB, Georgia                                                                                                       

Kenny Randall, DT, Charleston                                                                                                          

Tim Jones, WR, Southern Mississippi                                                                                        

Corey Slaughter, CB, La.-Monroe


Kansas City Chiefs                                                                                                              

Round 2: No. 58 (from Ravens): Nick Bolton, LB (Missouri)
Round 2: No. 63 Creed Humphrey, C (Oklahoma)
Round 4: No. 144 Joshua Kaindoh, DE (Florida State)
Round 5: No. 162 (from Dolphins via Raiders via Jets) Noah Gray, TE (Duke)
Round 5: No. 181 Cornell Powell, WR (Clemson)
Round 6: No. 226 (from Panthers via Jets) Trey Smith, G (Tennessee)                                 

Shane Buechele, QB, SMU                                                                                                              

Malik Herring, DE, Georgia                                                                                                              

Zayne Anderson, LB, BYU                                                                                                                         

Riley Cole, LB, South Alabama                                                                                                     

Marlon Character, CB, Louisville                                                                                                 

DiCaprio Bootle, CB, Nebraska                                                                                                       

Devon Key, DS, Western Kentucky


Las Vegas Raiders                                                                                                                 

Round 1: No. 17 Alex Leatherwood, OL (Alabama)
Round 2: No. 43 (from 49ers) Trevon Moehrig, S (TCU)
Round 3: No. 79 (from Cardinals) Malcolm Koonce, DE (Buffalo)
Round 3: No. 80 Divine Deablo, S (Virginia Tech)
Round 4: No. 143 (from Vikings via Jets) Tyree Gillespie, S (Missouri)
Round 5: No. 167 (from Seahawks) Nate Hobbs, CB (Illinois)
Round 7: No. 230 (from Jets via 49ers) Jimmy Morrissey, C (Pittsburgh)                                         

Matt Bushman, TE, BYU                                                                                                       

Darius Stills, DT, West Vir.                                                                                                                     

Max Richardson, LB, BC                                                                                                                      

Trey Ragus, RB, La.-Lafayette                                                                                                  

Garrett Groshek, RB, Wisconsin                                                                                                       

Dillon Stoner, WR, Oklahoma State                                                                                                    

D. J. Turner, WR/KR, Pitt                                                                                                                        

T. J. Morrison, DB, Stony Brook                                                                                                               

Devery Hamilton, T, Duke                                              


Los Angeles Chargers                                                                                                       

Round 1: No. 13 Rashawn Slater, OT (Northwestern)
Round 2: No. 47 Asante Samuel Jr., CB (Florida State)
Round 3: No. 77 Josh Palmer, WR (Tennessee)
Round 3: No. 97 Tre’ McKitty, TE (Georgia)
Round 4: No. 118 Chris Rumph II, LB (Duke)
Round 5: No. 159 Brendan James, OT (Nebraska)
Round 6: No. 185 (from Jaguars through Titans) Nick Niemann, LB (Iowa)
Round 6: No. 198 Larry Rountree III, RB (Missouri)
Round 7: No. 241 Mark Webb, S (Georgia)                                                                                         

Jared Goldwire, DL, Louisville                                                                                                         

Forrest Merrill, DT, Arkansas State                                                                                   

Darius Harper, T, Cincinnati                                                                                                             

Kyle Spaulding, T, San Diego State                                                                                                       

Hunter Kampmoyer, TE, Oregon                                                                                                    

Elijah Stove, WR, Auburn                                                                                                                              

Ben DeLuca, QB, Charlotte                                                                                                                  

Omen Ogbongbemiga, LB, Oklahoma State                                                                                        

Alex Kessman, PK,   Pitt                                                                                                                     

Ryan Langan, LS, Georgia Southern


Los Angeles Rams                                                                                                              

Round 2: No. 57 Tutu Atwell, WR (Louisville)
Round 3: No. 103 Ernest Jones, LB (South Carolina)
Round 4: No. 117 Bobby Brown, DT (Texas A&M)
Round 4: No. 130 (from Rams via Jaguars) Robert Rochell, CB (Central Arkansas)
Round 4: No.141 Jacob Harris, WR (UCF)         SSSSS
Round 5: No. 174 (from Bills via Texans) Earnest Brown IV, DL (Northwestern)
Round 7: No. 233 (from Bengals via Texans) Jake Funk, RB (Maryland)
Round 7: No. 249 (from Titans via Jaguars) Ben Skowonek, WR (Notre Dame)
Round 7: No. 252 Chris Garrett, LB (Concordia-St. Paul)                                                                

Alaric Jackson, T, Iowa                                                                                                                        

Jordan Meredith,  C, Western Kentucky                                                                                           

Landen Akers, WR, Iowa State                                                                                                     

Jeremiah Haydel, WR, Texas State                                                                                                  

George Silvanic, DT, Air Force                                                                                                            

Max Roberts, Edge, BC                                                                                                                            

Paris Ford, DS, Pitt                                                                                                                                     

Troy Warner, DS, BYU                                                                                                                     

Jovan Grant, DB, Merrimack


Miami Dolphins                                                                                                                        

Round 1: No. 6 (from Eagles) Jaylen Waddle, WR (Alabama)
Round 1: No. 18 Jaelan Phillips, DL (Miami)
Round 2: No. 36 (from Texans) Jevon Holland, S (Oregon)
Round 2: No. 42 (from Giants) Liam Eichenberg, OT (Notre Dame)
Round 3: No. 81 Hunter Long, TE (Boston College)
Round 7: No. 231 (from Texans) Larnel Coleman, OT (Massachusetts)
Round 7: No. 244 (from Washington) Gerrid Doaks, RB (Cincinnati)                                             

Jerome Johnson, DT, Indiana                                                                                               

Rob Jones, G, Middle Tenn. State                                                                                                              

Carl Tucker, TE/FB, Alabama                                                                                                  

Jaytlin Askew, CB, Georgia Tech                                    


Minnesota Vikings                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 23 (from Seahawks through Jets) Christian Darrisaw, OT (Virginia Tech)
Round 3: No. 66 (from Jets) Kellen Mond, QB (Texas A&M)
Round 3: No. 78 Chazz Surratt, LB (North Carolina)
Round 3: No. 86 (from Seahawks through Jets) Wyatt Davis, G (Ohio State)
Round 3: No. 90 (from Ravens) Patrick Jones II, DE (Pittsburgh)
Round 4: No. 119 Kene Nwangwu, RB (Iowa State)  This guy has been a top Kick Returner.
Round 4: No. 125 (from Bears) Camryn Bynum, CB (California)
Round 4: No. 134 (from Bills) Janarius Robinson, DE (Florida State)
Round 5: No. 157 Ihmir Smith-Marsette, WR (Iowa)
Round 5: No. 168 (from Steelers thru Ravens): Zach Davidson, TE (Central Missouri)
Round 6: No. 199 Jaylen Twyman, DT (Pittsburgh)                                                                

Blake Proehl, WR, East Carolina                                                                                                        

Whip Philyor, WR, Indiana                                                                                                          

Myron Mitchell, WR, UAB                                                                                                                      

A. J. Rose, RB, Kentucky                                                                                                                     

Riley Patterson, PK, Memphis                                                                                                             

Tuf Borland, ILB, Ohio State                                                                                                 

Turner Bernard, LS, San Diego State                                                                                         

Christian Elliss, Edge, Idaho                                                                                                   

Jordan Scott, DT, Oregon                                                                                               

Zeandae Johnson, DL, Calif.


New England Patriots                                                                                                             

Round 1: No. 15 Mac Jones, QB (Alabama)
Round 2: No. 38 (from Bengals) Christian Barmore, DT (Alabama)
Round 3: No. 96 Ronnie Perkins, DE (Oklahoma)
Round 4: No. 120 (from Cardinals through Texans) Rhamondre Stevenson, RB (Oklahoma)
Round 5: No. 177 Cameron McGrone, LB (Michigan)
Round 6: No. 188 (from Texans) Joshuah Bledsoe, S (Missouri)
Round 6. No. 197 William Sherman, OT/G (Colorado)
Round 7: No. 242 Tre Nixon, WR (Central Florida)                                                                                          

No signings have been announced yet.  It may be because the Patriots had the highest number of players (8) opt out in 2020 and should get them all back except Marcus Cannon (T), whom they traded to Houston.


New Orleans Saints                                                                                                           

Round 1: No. 28 Payton Turner, DE (Houston)
Round 2: No. 60 Pete Werner, LB (Ohio State)
Round 3: No. 76 (from Giants via Broncos) Paulson Adebo, CB (Stanford)
Round 4: No. 133 Ian Book, QB (Notre Dame)
Round 6: No. 206 Landon Young, OT (Kentucky)
Round 7: No. 255 Kawann Baker, WR (South Alabama)                                                                        

Trill Williams, CB, Syracuse      S                                                                                                                   

Bryce Thompson, CB, Tennessee                                                                                                 

Lawrence Woods, CB, Truman State                                                                                                  

Josiah Bronson, DT, Washington                                                                                                       

Shaq Smith, LB, Maryland                                                                                                                          

Eric Burrell, DS, Wisconsin                                                                                                                    

Nolan Cooney, P, Syracuse                                                                                                                         

Dylan Soehner, TE, Iowa State                                                                                                     

Stevie Scott, RB, Indiana                                                                                                                   

Mike Brown, G, West Vir.                                                                                                                     

Alex Hoffman, OL, Carroll College                                             


New York Giants                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 20 (from Bears) Kadarius Toney, WR (Florida)
Round 2: No. 50 (from Dolphins) Azeez Ojulari, LB (Georgia)
Round 3: No. 71 (from Broncos) Aaron Robinson, CB (Central Florida)
Round 4: No. 116 Elerson Smith, LB (Northern Iowa)
Round 6: No. 196 Gary Brightwell, RB (Arizona)
Round 6: No. 201 (from Cardinals) Rodarius Williams, CB (Oklahoma State)                     

Brett Heggie, C, Florida                                                                                                                              

Jake Burton, T/G, Baylor                                                                                                                      

Raymond Johnson, DE, Georgia Southern


New York Jets                                                                                                                              

Round 1: No. 2 Zach Wilson, QB (BYU)
Round 1: No. 14 (from Vikings) Alijah Vera-Tucker, OL (USC)
Round 2: No. 34 Elijah Moore, WR (Ole Miss)
Round 4: No. 107 Michael Carter, RB (UNC)
Round 5: No. 146 Jamien Sherwood, S (Auburn)
Round 5: No. 154 (from Giants) Michael Carter II, S (Duke)
Round 5: No. 175 (from Chiefs) Jason Pinnock, CB (Pittsburgh)
Round 6: No. 186 Hamsah Nasirildeen, S (Florida State)
Round 6: No. 200 (from Raiders) Brandin Echols, CB (Kentucky)
Round 6: No. 207 (from Steelers via Dolphins via Chiefs) Jonathan Marshall, DT (Arkansas)        

Teton Saltes, T, New Mexico                                                                                           

Parker Ferguson, T, Air Force                                                                                                        

Grant Herrmanns, T, Purdue                                                                                                    

Tristen Hoge, G, BYU                                                                                                          

Kenny Yeboah, TE, Mississippi                                                                                                   

Hamilcar Rashed, Jr., Edge, Oregon State                                                                                          

Milo Eifler, OLB, Illinois                                                                                                             

Michael Dwumfor, DT, Rutgers                                                                                                                   

Chris Naggar, PK, SMU                                                                                                                      

Brendon White, DS, Rutgers                                                                                                             

Jordyn Peters, DS, Auburn                                                                                                                       

Isaiah Dunn, CB, Oregon State


Philadelphia Eagles                                                                                                                 

Round 1: No. 10 (from Cowboys) DeVonta Smith, WR (Alabama)
Round 2: No. 37 Landon Dickerson, C (Alabama)
Round 3: No. 73 Milton Williams, DT (Louisiana Tech)
Round 4: No. 123 (from Dolphins) Zech McPhearson, CB (Texas Tech)
Round 5: No. 150 Kenneth Gainwell, RB (Memphis)
Round 6: No. 189 Marlon Tuipulotu, DT (USC)
Round 6: No. 191 (from Broncos via Panthers) Tarron Jackson, DE (Coastal Carolina)
Round 6: No. 224 JaCoby Stevens, S (LSU)
Round 7: No. 234 Patrick Johnson, DE (Tulane)                                                                                 

Jamie Newman, QB, Wake Forest – made a mistake by sitting out 2020 season.          

Trevon Grimes, WR, Florida                                                                                                           

Jhamon Ausbon, WR, Texas A&M                                                                                                                   

Jack Stoll, TE, Nebraska                                                                                                                      

Jaquan Bailey, DE, Iowa State                                                                                                      

Kayode Awosika, T/G Buffalo                                                                                                         

Harry Crider, C, Indiana (Tryout)


Pittsburgh Steelers                                                                                                                   

Round 1: No. 24 Najee Harris, RB (Alabama)
Round 2: No. 55 Pat Freiermuth, TE (Penn State)
Round 3: No. 87 Kendrick Green, C (Illinois)
Round 4: No. 128 Dan Moore Jr., OT (Texas A&M)
Round 4: No. 140 Buddy Johnson, LB (Texas A&M)
Round 5: No. 156 (from Cowboys through Eagles through Dolphins) Isaiahh Loudermilk, DT (Wisconsin)
Round 6: No. 216 (from Buccaneers) Quincy Roche, LB (Miami)
Round 7: No. 245 (from Dolphins) Tre Norwood, CB (Oklahoma)
Round 7: No. 254 (from Ravens) Pressley Harvin III, P (Georgia Tech)                                             

Rico Bussey, WR, Hawaii                                                                                                                 

Isaiah McCoy, WR, Kent State                                                                                            

Shakur Brown, CB, Michigan State                                                                                             

Mark Gilbert, CB, Duke                                                                                                             

Lamont Wade, DS, Penn State                                                                                                      

Donovan Stiner, DS, Florida                                                                                               

Calvin Bundige, LB, Oklahoma State                                                                                  

Jamar Watson, LB, Kentucky                                                                                                        

Chase Behrndt, C. West Vir. (tryout)                                                                                            

Roland Rivers, III, QB, Slippery Rock (tryout)                                                                         

DeMarkus Acy, CB, Missouri – signed as UDFA by SF in 2020, but waived.  I only report him to show how desperate the Steelers are for a CB that they failed to adequately address in the 2021 draft.        


San Francisco 49ers                                                                                                                

Round 1: No. 3 (from Texans through Dolphins) Trey Lance, QB (North Dakota State)
Round 2: No. 48 (from Raiders) Aaron Banks, G (Notre Dame)
Round 3: No. 88 (from Rams) Trey Sermon, RB (Ohio State)
Round 3: No. 102 Ambry Thomas, CB (Michigan)
Round 5: No. 155 Jaylon Moore, OG (Western Michigan)
Round 5: No. 172 (from Saints) Deommodore Lenoir, CB (Oregon)
Round 5: No. 180 Talanoa Hufanga, S (USC)
Round 6: No. 194 Elijah Mitchell, RB (Louisiana-Lafayette)                                             

Austin Watkins, WR, UAB                                                                                                                   

Josh Pederson, TE, La.-Monroe                                                                                                   

Justin Hilliard, LB, Ohio State                                                                                                       

Elijah Sullivan, LB, Kansas State            


Seattle Seahawks                                                                                                                      

Round 2: No. 56 D’Wayne Eskridge, WR (Western Michigan)
Round 4: No. 137 (from Buccaneers) Tre Brown, CB (Oklahoma)
Round 6: No. 208 (from Bears) Stone Forsythe, OT (Florida)                                                     

Tamorrion Terry, WR, Florida State         S                                                                                    

Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota State – impressed at Senior Bowl practices                 

Conor Wedington, WR, Stanford                                                                                                               

Josh Johnson, RB, La.-Monroe                                                                                                            

R. J. Emmons, RB, FAU                                                                                                                      

Jared Hocker, G, Texas A&M                                                                                                          

Jake Curhan, T/G, California                                                                                                               

Greg Eiland, G, Mississippi State                                                                                                       

Pier-Oliver Lestage, OL, Montreal                                                                                                        

Bryan Mills, CB, NC Central                                                                                              

Jarrod Hewitt, DT, Virginia Tech                                                                                                    

Jon Rhattigan, LB, Army                              


Tampa Bay Buccaneers                                                                                                      

Round 1: No. 32 Joe Tryon, LB (Washington)
Round 2: No. 64 Kyle Trask, QB (Florida)
Round 3: No. 95 Robert Hainsey, OL (Notre Dame)
Round 4: No. 129 (from Seahawks) Jaelon Darden, WR (North Texas)
Round 5: No. 176 K.J. Britt, LB (Auburn)
Round 7: No. 251 (from Steelers) Chris Wilcox, CB (BYU)
Round 7: No. 259 Grant Stuard, LB (Houston)                                                                             

Sadarius Hutcherson, G, South Carolina                                                                              

Calvin Ashley, T, Florida A&M                                                                                                                  

T.J. Simmons, WR, West Vir.                                                                                                       

Jose Borregales, PK, Miami                                                                                                                 

Leighton McCarthy, Edge, FAU                                                                                                   

Cameron Kinley, DB, Navy                                                                                                              

Lawrence White, DS, Iowa State                                                                                                        

Augie Contressa, DS, Stony Brook                                                                                                             

Elijah Ponder, DL, Cincinnati


Tennessee Titans                                                                                                                 

Round 1: No. 22 Caleb Farley, CB (Virginia Tech)
Round 2: No. 53 Dillon Radunz, OL (North Dakota State)
Round 3: No. 92 Monty Rice, LB (Georgia)
Round 3: No. 100 Elijah Molden, CB (Washington)
Round 4: No. 109 Dez Fitzpatrick, WR (Louisville)
Round 4: No. 135 Rashad Weaver, DE (Pittsburgh)
Round 6: No. 205 Racey McMath, WR (LSU)
Round 6: No. 215 (from Chiefs) Brady Breeze, S (Oregon)                                                                          

Justus Reed, DE, Virginia Tech                                                                                                     

Naquon Jones, DT, Michigan State                                                                                                         

Chandon Herring, T, BYU                                                                                                                      

Cole Banwart, G, Iowa                                                                                                                  

Briley Moore, TE, Kansas State                                                                                                   

Miller Forristall, TE, Alabama                                                                                                          

Tory Carter, FB, LSU                                                                                                                   

Blake Haubeil, PK, Ohio State                                                                                                           

James Smith, P, Cincinnati


Washington Football Team                                                                                                          

Round 1: No. 19 Jamin Davis, LB (Kentucky)
Round 2: No. 51 Samuel Cosmi, OT (Texas)
Round 3: No. 74 (from 49ers) Benjamin St-Juste, CB (Minnesota)
Round 3: No. 82 Dyami Brown, WR (North Carolina)
Round 4: No. 124 John Bates, TE (Boise State)
Round 5: No. 163 Darrick Forrest, S (Cincinnati)
Round 6: No. 225 (from Eagles) Cameron Cheeseman, LS (Michigan)
Round 7: No. 240 (from 49ers via Eagles) Will Bradley-King, DE (Baylor)
Round 7: No. 246 Shaka Toney, DE (Penn State)
Round 7: No. 258 (from Chiefs through Dolphins) Dax Milne, WR (BYU)                                         

Jaret Patterson, RB, Buffalo