Semifinal 2021 FCS Playoff Prognostication

A little different format than in year's past. Not going to go insanely deep into team capsules and regurgitate information that’s already been shared. If you want to look at each team’s capsules, and you should, you can find them here. I’m going to hit on the higher points for all the games here, rather than draw them out individually. Let’s just be thankful we have playoffs.
After a 6-2 mark in the First Round, I followed up with a 3-1 in the Quarterfinals. Definitely not beating my chest, as I know of some who’ve picked the entire playoffs correctly before any of them games were even played. With only two games in the Semifinals, perfection now is the only way to enjoy a week above .500. Let’s take a look at the games and take a shot.
Delaware @ #1 South Dakota State
Delaware is the one unseeded team remaining and like mentioned before, many people saw the Blue Hens as the most likely team to bust into the Semifinals without a number next to their name. Winning at Jacksonville State is no small task either, they are that good. But winning in Brookings, South Dakota is a different animal all together. We’re not just talking about mascots either. The Jackrabbits are a very well-rounded outfit. It’s doubtful they took Southern Illinois for granted, having beaten them earlier in the season, but the Salukis came to play last weekend. It was looking perilously apparent that SIU could win on their final drive. However, a late interception deep in their own territory sealed the deal. Expect another tough one here.
Prediction: South Dakota State 27, Delaware 17
#3 James Madison @ #2 Sam Houston State
Talk about a battle of traditional behemoths. James Madison will take to the road to south Texas with the thought of returning upstate a week later for a national title trophy. Having only played two road contests this year before this one, the Dukes have faced any of their best challenges from the comfort of home. As mentioned last week, Sam Houston State has never lost a playoff game at home themselves. Historically though, these two have played in the playoff before and JMU was less than accommodating in that result. While JMU was turning North Dakota over numerous times, Sam Houston State was in a slugfest with North Dakota State. After a regular season of mostly lopsided and comfortable contests, the Bearkats have won a couple slobberknockers to get to this point. Here’s another shot for SHSU to exorcise some playoff demons on their way to a championship. Can they be the team to eliminate BOTH North Dakota State AND James Madison?
Prediction: Sam Houston State 23, James Madison 20