What Cars Do Tall NBA Players Drive

What Cars Do Tall NBA Players Drive

It is exciting to know what the tall NBA players would love to drive. Basketball players are the foremost figures that people would know at a playing field from the closest distance. That plays a charismatic impression on the audiences. This results in the curiosity for the normal audiences to learn about their lifestyle. In fact, the most eye-catching luxury item any audience would like to know is the car they drive. 

You might be friendly with the fact that these branded cars might cost you more than general ones. In case you would like to look at some of the used cars, then get Revs Check. There are various advantages in looking for Revs check as it clearly hosts the past detailed specifications of the used cars. Therefore, you can make the most of a vehicle being clean with finance, frauds, and damages.

Besides, here are some of the cars that tall NBA players drive:

Mercedes – Benz S550 Coupe

Anthony Davis drives one of the most luxurious cars that are available in the market. The brand is Mercedes – Benz S550 Coupe. He certainly is one of the high rated players in the NBA due to various reasons. With his brilliant techniques, the play has been one of the top notches in the tournament.

Most of the S-class brand is well integrated to perform efficiently during most of the driving period. The quality of leather in the seats and switchgear are the first items that catch your eye. The significant difference between the normal Mercedes and the Mercedes brand with S550 is the click wheel. Both the cars control the infotainment systems, but the S class is much heavier with more satisfying features to operate.

Ferrari F430

Lebron James is one of the top-paid NBA players in the league and drives a Ferrari F430. In fact, the collection of cars he has is immense, and one of them is this amazing F430. The color of the car is cherry red, which is different from others. Ferrari, in itself, is quite amazing to drive, so do the F430 brand. This car is fitted with a V8 engine, which has a power of 490HP. Moreover, the engine revolves at 8500rpms and gives a fine start to the drive. If you just start the car and you need to hit 60 miles, then it only takes around 4 seconds. Would you like to know the highest speed this car generates? It's a massive 196 mph.

Moreover, this brand belongs to a sports car. The promising feature of F430 is about E-Diff, which is controlled through the computer that monitors the limited-slip active differential. Along with that, it also hosts Ferrari's manettino steering wheel.

Bentley Mulsanne

Dwight Howard drives a charming brand of Bentley Mulsanne. He is actually one of the tallest players in the NBA game, and no wonder he chooses this Bentley model for the drive. In fact, there are plenty of spaces so that the drive is comfortable, and one can easily stretch out in a relaxing mood. The amount that he has spent is about $300K on this beautiful beast. The car's interiors are customizable, with an aesthetic appearance from the natural wood paneling, along with other accessories: the car hosts 4G connectivity and a unique infotainment system.