LeBron James: A New Michael Jordan?

No one is surprised to see LeBron On top of every NBA list. He made a tremendous career and had shown himself as a real pro. James has one of the best shooting scores in history and can be proud of it. Although, only a few people know he is a totally self-made man.
LeBron was born in 1984. His mom was only 16 years old. She did her best to raise her son, as she had to do that absolutely all on her own. The family struggled for life and Gloria, the mother realized it would be better for him to live with the other family. LeBron was not one of those regular boys thinking only of parties, items from Casinority Casino Guide and girls. Since early childhood the boy knew he wanted to be an athlete. So, she let him go with the family of a pro football coach. The result was immoderate. James was so much keen on that sport that even was accepted to the state team. But at St. Mary High School he tried himself as a basketball player. And there his great talent was unveiled. Playing for St. Vincent team, the player made 2,657 scores over the 4 years only. That was his first but very important step into the pro sport. Sportsman could not wait until the graduation to apply for the draft.
There is no wonder that a 203 cm high athlete became a popular forward. Cleveland Cavaliers has noticed him at his first draft, and the athlete got a ticket to the new life. That was a smart decision to tie his life to the big game. His first match brought him 25 scores, which was quite impressive for the freshmen. His first season 2003-2004 brought him fame, glory and the title of the rookie of the year. Fans gave him a luxurious nickname - King James. The player got more and more scores every new season. James was the second player in history who got over 27 scores 3 seasons at a stretch. And finally in 2006 he signs his $60,000.000 contract. Although after it expires LeBron leaves the Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. He keeps growing as a player and leads a few successful seasons before getting back the team. Meanwhile his personal life meets impressive changes. On December 2011 sportsmen finally proposed Savannah, who already was a mom to his two sons. They were together since high school. And after the wedding family welcomed a baby daughter.
LeBron always said his family gave him the inspiration to move on and achieve more. King James rarely denied a contract and was a face for such enterprises as Nike, Audemars Piguet, Dunkin' Brands, Coca-Cola, Samsung, McDonald's, and State Farm. James was a matter of a serious and cruel war between Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. Due to his oversize in clothing and shoes, the companies admitted they would be honored to create something especially for him. Today basketball king enjoys the status of an NBPA vice president and is quite happy with his life.