March Madness is Finally Here

March Madness Is Coming
Meteorological spring time is coming soon. Soon we’ll all see flowers blooming, trees budding leaves, birds flying and bees buzzing around collecting nectar. The boys of summer are already cracking bats and popping horsehide into leather gloves. But something even bigger is coming before the sun reaches its spring equinox - March Madness!
And, yes, conference tournaments are almost all in motion. But if you’re like a large majority of the sports fan population, you’ll be filling out bracket pools, looking to bet on basketball online or practicing your fake cough to ditch work for the opening round of the NCAA Tournament. Who can blame you? Wagering on basketball in March has become as American as apple pie, grilling hot dogs or catching some new strain of virus that makes everyone paranoid.
How do you attack your bracket or betting strategy? Do you play it close to the chalk and concentrate on the perennial name schools or do you take a chance on a Cinderella making a deep run and capturing the nation’s imagination, like Loyola or Virginia Commonwealth or Wichita State in the last decade or so? You can play on your local favorite or against that team you hate. Maybe that lucky, or unlikely, 5 -12 match-up excites you. Parlays, teasers, sides, totals - the possibilities are almost endless.
There’s a ton of information out there for you to digest. You can look up injury reports about teams and see what kind of style they like to play. Is this team I know nothing about high tempo or slow it down? Do they live and die by the three-pointer or do they have a 7’2” monster in the post who swats shots away like flies at your picnic, trying to get into your apple pie and hot dogs? Another thing to look for is where these teams are located. If you know this information, maybe they don’t have to travel as far to play. Though now, fan travel isn’t going to be recommended, if even allowed. All the more reason to sit at home, watch it on the tube and make things interesting with a wager.
Here’s the thing, your time to get set up before the “Big Dance” is shortening everyday. So if you’re thinking about betting on basketball online, you should get yourself ready to go sooner, rather than later. The First Four games will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday, before the true Madness commences on Thursday and Friday. You’re not going to want to be scrambling at the last minute.
Not to mention, NIT games will start next week also! March is so much fun!