FCS Playoff Game Breakdown: Kennesaw State at Weber State

Kennesaw State at Weber State
Jonathan Murphy carried Kennesaw State to a victory on the road against Wofford, in the First Round. That game was really a battle of wills, as each team ran the triple-option offense. So whoever could flex their muscles just a little bit more was going to win. So now the Owls take their ball control ground game on a longer road trip. It’ll be interesting to see if their defense can handle a well balanced Big Sky team. Other than Monmouth (a game they lost 45-21), their schedule has been filled mostly with teams they have overmatched physically. That likely won’t be the case in the Second Round.
Weber State has got to be getting accustomed to hosting playoff games. The extra week of preparation against this kind of offense has got to be a blessing. The Wildcats boast a #12 national defense against the run. Conversely, they’re #92 against the pass. Now, is that a product of playing pass-happy Big Sky teams? Maybe. But it makes you wonder if it’s something that can be attacked just a few times for long plays. The bigger question is can running back Josh Davis be the best back on the field for this game? If he is, quarterback Jake Constantine should be able to work off that play action to punish the Owls.
The run game is going to be of utmost importance in this one, but that’s almost always the case in a Kennesaw State game. If you can control the Owls and make them have to pass, you’re probably going to be successful. If not, it’s gonna be a long day. The week off for Weber State should be enough to grind this one out.
Prediction: Weber State 31, Kennesaw State 21