Wofford at Kennesaw State FCS Playoff Game Breakdown

Wofford at #4 Kennesaw State
Wofford threw the ball all of eight times against Elon, winning 19-7. Those eight passes came with four completions and a grand total of 20 yards. You can do that when you win the turnover battle 2-0 and outrush your opponent 344-51. The ground game was a very workmanlike performance. Running back Andre Stoddard had a very average game, but backs Nathan Walker and Lennox McAfee both had explosive contests.
You can’t heap enough praise on a program in its fourth season with the amount of success they’ve had. And here is Kennesaw State with a #4 national seed. They’re also undefeated against FCS competition, losing only to FBS Georgia State this year. Quarterback Chandler Burks is the obvious leader in passing, but he also leads the Owls in rushing. But that doesn’t mean there’s that much less production from running backs Darnell Holland, Shaquil Terry or Jake McKenzie, who spearhead this offense scoring almost 49 points per game. The defense isn’t on the field much, as the offense controls the game, most weeks. When they are on the field, Anthony Gore, Jr. is the unit’s main disrupter, registering five sacks.
This should be a very intense game as these two are only separated by a stone’s throw. When you consider that each team will be employing the same triple option attack and neither would like to pass more than three or four times, it might also be the fastest played game of the weekend. Except for scoring plays and change of possession, the clock doesn’t figure to stop too often. So which team does it better? The old dogs, Terriers, or the new kids on the block, Owls?
Prediction: Kennesaw State 27, Wofford 24