Incarnate Word at Montana State 2018 FCS Playoff Game Breakdown

Incarnate Word at Montana State
Welcome to the FCS Playoffs, Cardinals. With the name, Incarnate Word, you might figure on the potential for some divine intervention on their behalf. However, the offense doesn’t need it, as they have the #4 ranked passing attack and the #8 offense overall. Spearheaded by quarterback Jon Copeland, they have little fear about scoring on anyone, which can be told by the fact they average 34.3 points per game. Unfortunately, the defense is equally as scoring-minded, giving up a similar 34.0. However, if you take away their two losses against FBS opponents, New Mexico and North Texas, that average drops to a more respectable 27.5.
Looking at the Bobcats, you might wonder how they are here. Overall, the offense ranks #76 in the nation and the defense is #72. But a couple things Montana State does very well is rushing the ball. Led by Troy Anderson, the team also ranks #18 on the ground and are also very adept at scoring once they get into the red zone. An often overlooked facet to the game, they’re also one of the best net punting teams in the nation, so you can bet if the battle of field position comes into play, they can flip it.
Overall, both of these teams are pretty good with the ball, at least in terms of turnover ratio. Whoever can impose their will in this area probably become victorious. The level of competition between the Southland and Big Sky seems lopsided. And it really is at the very top. But Incarnate Word has played five consecutive games against teams with winning records to end the season. Not only that, but they had the final week of the regular season off. That should help some with the coming road trip. Montana State has been tested against superior competition at the top, but overall, it’s pretty equal.
Prediction: Montana State 34, Incarnate Word 28