San Diego at North Dakota State FCS Football 2017 Playoffs Second Round Breakdown

San Diego (10-2) at North Dakota State (10-1)
Looking at the First Round score of San Diego’s game against Northern Arizona, some would call out NAU for an embarrassing performance. But that’s discrediting San Diego, and that’s not fair. Maybe the Lumberjacks had a bad day, but the Toreros crushed them 41-10. That makes two years in a row now that San Diego has beaten a Big Sky team in the First Round. The reward looks pretty ominous, a return Second Round trip to Fargo. Last year resulted in a 45-7 loss. But you can never underestimate the underdog’s drive, their strive, to win. NDSU probably doesn’t care.
The Bison had the week off, probably figuring on Northern Arizona. Then came the FCS party crasher, San Diego. A non-scholarship school against a former five-time national champion seems massively unfair. But, the Pioneer League gets an automatic and they’ve proved its worth with consecutive upsets early on. NDSU had two games this year against non-scholarship opponents and those were severely lopsided.
North Dakota State should handle this game much like they did last year. They’ll build a strong, comfortable lead, pull the starters, coast to a win and stay as healthy as possible. The Toreros have pulled some magic the last few years, but doing it here would be straight up Copperfield-like.
Projection: North Dakota State 49, San Diego 14