Wofford at Youngstown State FCS Football 2016 Playoffs Quarterfinal Breakdown

Wofford at Youngstown State, Saturday, 2:00
Wofford last lost back on October 22 in a home tilt to The Citadel, 24-21 in overtime.  Since then, the Terriers appeared as a good team without a signature win who may have been passed over for the playoffs.  A win at Chattanooga ended those thoughts.  Last week, they host in-state Big South Champion, Charleston Southern.  They keep their noses to the grindstone, winning their fifth consecutive game, 15-14.  The Second Round afforded them a chance to play at The Citadel, a chance to right a wrong.  Sure enough, they put the clamps on the Bulldogs and won, 17-3.  With both teams being triple option offenses, one or two big plays were going to be the difference.  That happened when back-up quarterback Joe Newman ran in the go ahead score with about ten minutes left.  Interesting stat, the Terriers caught as many passes from The Citadel quarterback as they did their own; two receptions and two interceptions.
Youngstown State made good on the upset of #3 seed Jacksonville State by rolling up over 500 yards of offense, on what was perceived as one of the better defenses in FCS.  Perhaps the observation of the Penguins battle-tested schedule to the weaker Gamecock schedule was a bigger factor than even thought before.  The Penguins vaunted defense held quarterback Eli Jenkins to a measly 6-of-26 passing, intercepting him twice.  Jenkins was able to go for 189 yards rushing also, but almost everybody on the JSU squad was held in check for minimal damage.  YSU quarterback Hunter Wells completed only 10 passes himself, but those were huge completions - going for 290 yards!  Running back Jody Webb erupted for 140 yards on the ground.  This is a scary result, maybe the most thorough team effort put together by Youngstown State all season.  And they’re doing it at the right time!
One would think a road game in the north would be a disadvantage weather-wise for a team from the Carolinas, but being a triple-option running team, that shouldn’t matter.  Wind, rain or snow, they’re not going to pass more than eight or ten times, if they can help it.  In a way, that nullifies one of Youngstown State’s greatest strengths, which is their pass rush.  That doesn’t mean defensive ends, Derek Rivers and Avery Moss can’t play the run also.  This game will probably be won or lost on the other possession, when the Penguins have the ball.  If QB Wells and RB Webb can keep their offense rolling, especially if they get ahead early, the Terriers are going to have a rough go of it.  The longer the game stays close, the more of a toss-up it becomes. 
Projected Score: Youngstown State 23, Wofford 13