Matt Weber


Matt Weber has been immersed with sports since he could walk. With very minimal athletic skills, he found himself in a wide-range of positions beginning in middle school. From fan, to scorekeeper, announcer, game operations, media relations and sports reporter, Matt has seen the game from many angles. 

Growing up in western West Virginia, Matt attended Marshall football games in its hay day as The Herd won multiple NCAA Division I-AA football titles in the 90's and continued that success into division I-A with titles in the Mid-American Conference. He credits those years and success as building his high amount of sports enthusiasm. 

Matt graduated from Marshall University and spent time in its sports information after graduation, covering many sports full-time and handling a multitude of duties. He still finds himself within the sports profession today and enjoys writing about sports and seeing student-athletes achieve success on and off the field. 

The West Virginia native has a strong passion for baseball, especially the stadiums and uniforms in which the games are played. He also enjoys softball, football, and basketball, among others.