2014 MLB Draft Bonus Allotments

2014 MLB Draft Bonus Allotments


The 2014 MLB draft is set for June 5-7.  Here is a look at the Signing Bonus Allotments for each MLB Team.                                     

“The total allotment for the first 10 rounds of the draft is $205,786,400, and teams almost certainly will exceed that amount.  The industry spent $219,302,880 in 2013 on signing bonuses, the second-highest total ever but below the more than $228 million laid out in 2011, the last year of the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement,” stated Advantage Link Sports Management CEO, Mark Taggatz. 


Signing Bonus Pool

Miami Marlins


Houston Astros


Chicago White Sox


Toronto Blue Jays


Kansas City Royals


Chicago Cubs


Colorado Rockies


Cleveland Indians


Milwaukee Brewers


Minnesota Twins


Arizona Diamondbacks


St. Louis Cardinals


Cincinnati Reds


Philadelphia Phillies


Seattle Mariners


Boston Red Sox


San Diego Padres


San Francisco Giants


Tampa Bay Rays


Los Angeles Angels


Pittsburgh Pirates


New York Mets


Washington Nationals


Los Angeles Dodgers


Detroit Tigers


Texas Rangers


Oakland Athletics


Atlanta Braves


New York Yankees


Baltimore Orioles



The Astros’ No. 1 selection has a $7,922,100 bonus allotment.  

The largest signing bonus in draft history remains the $8 million straight bonus Gerrit Cole received from the Pirates as the No. 1 overall selection in 2011.

The current CBA went into place for the 2012 draft, and MLB for the first time installed bonus pools with minimal wiggle room and stiff penalties for clubs that spend beyond their allotment. No team has triggered the harshest penalties, including forfeiture of future first-round picks, but teams can go over their allotment.

“Going over by 0-5 percent leads to a 75 percent tax on the overage, but anything over 5 percent starts triggering loss of draft picks,” added Taggatz.”