Temple Looking to Enter their Golden Age, Despite no more Golden

Temple Looking to Enter their Golden Age, Despite no more Golden

The Temple Owls lost their Head Coach Al Golden following an impressive 8-4 season.  Golden left to become the new coach for the more prestigious University of Miami. Golden started to breathe hope into the team and energized the fan base. Now that difficult and daunting task has been completed, Temple’s newly hired coach Steve Addazio can focus on improving the team. He has spent the last six years of his life dedicated to Florida football at the University of Florida. While at Florida he served as an offensive coordinator as well as coaching the offensive line for two years. He also was the offensive line coach for three additional years. Coach Addazio is also known as one of the top flight recruiters, something that is imperative to be successful in the collegiate ranks. That fact alone should make Temple fans ecstatic. While at Florida coach Addazio proved how great he was at coaching the offensive line through both statistics and drafted players. While coordinating the offense at Florida in 2009 they were the only team in the nation to gain more than 3,000 yards both on the ground and through the air. He also coached now starting center for the Pittsburg Steelers Maurkice Pouncey to be selected in the first round of the NFL draft. He also was a first team All-American player.

Coach Addazio clearly loves to run the football and his teams have been extremely successful at it. At Florida his offense gained 5.3 yards per carry in 2007 and 5.9 in 2008. All the while they were able to pass for 33 scores in 2008 while only surrendering 18 sacks. At Florida, Urban Myer and Addazio proved that the offensive line is the foundation to a great offense and Temple will certainly build theirs in the trenches as well. They already are returning many experienced players, and in all likelihood will continue to recruit and develop talent up front. After building a great offensive line is when offensives can become truly explosive. Temple has an interesting mix of players on offense already and I am sure the offensive line improved in spring ball and will continue to improve during the fall and throughout the season. Temple’s offense will look to impose their will on opponents this year, and it all starts upfront.

On the defensive side of the ball Temple looks to replace the talent they lost to put up similar numbers. Last season the unit ranked 15th in the nation in passing defense, a trend that needs to continue for them to be successful this season. I am sure Temple is looking to score early and force teams to pass the ball. When this happens this defense can be stifling. The defense will be led by returning linebacker Tahir Whitehead who will need to be all over the field in order for Temple’s defense to stuff the run.

Coach Addazio will want his team to be successful running the ball and force teams to pass by stopping the opponents rushing attack. Temple has some pieces in place and some new players who will need to step up. This certainly should be an interesting year for Temple. They are expected to be an above average team and the team and Coach Addazio are probably gunning to win nine games this year. Temple is a team that will not sneak up on anybody this year after an 8-4 record last year, so this year will be more of a challenge. But give Addazio time and let him work his recruiting magic, as well as install his complex and highly successful offense, and Temple will be a team competing for MAC titles from here on out.

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