The emotional undercurrents behind March Madness

The emotional undercurrents behind March Madness

You might not have to go far before bumping into enquiries of whether you have NCAA Tournament tickets or not. March Madness, as the tournament is called, is an addiction of sorts. Here’s a look at how emotions tend to rise high as the tournament begins.

Loyalties – There are so many reasons for people to simply be mad about a particular team, the most obvious of them being home town love! Then, people back teams from colleges they are studying at, or have passed out from. Of course, there are strange reasons such as liking the name of a team, or finding its mascot cute. Then, of course, there’s the good old love for the underdogs that makes people cheer with all their might. March is indeed a month of madness for all basketball fans.

Financial stakes – Yes, betting sways in full flow all across the nation as March Madness commences. Last minute baskets shifting fortunes, people forgetting work to see if their bets get doubled, punters crying in pain and cheering in delight – all these are common scenes in the bars and clubs of US till the March Madness continues. It is really tough for even an uninterested individual to remain aloof from the wave of madness that runs across the nation.

Brackets – It is customary for enthusiasts to fill out brackets, which are actually tables that have spaces for the filler to write in his/her prediction on all matches. Of course, there’s practically no chance for a person to fill out the entire bracket correctly, but people do take their predictions seriously, and get emotionally attached to their brackets. Basketball enthusiasts who tend to get many hits correct find it a matter of pride to stick their brackets on their office cubicle walls.

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