Cody Zeller NBA Draft Profile

Cody Zeller, Sophomore, Power Forward, Indiana



Zeller is long, lengthy, and just a plane big presence down low.  He has already developed a jump hook and is a very solid rebounder.  Zeller demonstrates a great understanding of the game since both of his older brothers have played the game. 

At the moment Zeller lacks a physical build.  He’s 6’11 and only weighs 210 pounds, posing problems holding position on the block and imposing his will on the offensive end.  The key with Zeller is to gain weight and fill in the 6’11 frame so he can become a force on both ends of the floor.

Final Projection:

Zeller is a work in progress.  He has the height and length to play in the NBA, but there are plenty of “ifs.” His older brother Tyler Zeller has gained weight and toughness over the three years he has spent at North Carolina developing into a first round pick.  Cody must follow the same blueprint that his older brother made to find his way to the NBA.


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