Mouphtaou Yarou NBA Draft Profile

Mouphtaou Yarou NBA Draft Profiles

Mouphtaou Yarou, Senior, Power Forward, Villanova



If Mouphtaou Yarou sneaks into the lottery in the 2012 draft, it will be because teams see him grasping that potential. His freshman season was a bit of a learning experience. His sophomore season saw him nearly double his points and rebounding production while also getting increased time on the floor. For someone like Yarou, who hasn’t played much basketball, skills take years to develop and all scouts are looking for is incremental improvement.

NBA teams can see he already knows how to block shots and crash the boards. His offensive game is very much a work in progress, something that is to be expected. Cutting down on fouls is also something that will come with learning the nuances of the game.

Final Projection:

The tangibles are there. He is long and built. The flashes are there. He put up five double-doubles last year in his limited action, including a 13-16 with three blocks and two steals against UCLA and a 15-10 with four blocks against Pitt. If Yarou decides to enter the draft I’m sure some team with take a chance on him in the lottery or shortly thereafter, not willing to pass up the opportunity to see what he may become.   

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