Tony Wroton Jr. NBA Draft Profile

Tony Wroton Jr., Freshman, Point Guard, Washington



Wroton is a very gifted physical presence at the point guard position.  At 6’4 and 205 Wroton can dominate smaller lead guards when help doesn’t arrive quickly.  His strength leads to finishes at the rim, passes in traffic and he displays a nice touch on floaters in the lane. 

Wroton is a very smart kid that knows the game of basketball.  One minus is his quickness is not what it should be for a point guard.  There are times when he has trouble guarding quicker smaller guards.  He also lacks a very fundamental jumper, it’s almost a line drive shot with not much of arc to it.  Wroton can lead a team, but needs to continue to work on fixing the overall finer points of his game.


Final Projection:

The main positive about Wroton is his ability to lead a team.  If his jumper gets better and he avoids turnovers he can be a very high pick in a future draft with his height for the point.  Wroton can control games and 6’4 can’t be taught, so with a little work, some team might have a floor general for years to come.


5/31/12 Update by Dan Levine

Wroton, Jr. was highly touted coming out of high school.  He was as advertised.  He scored 16 points per game as a freshman.  He still needs to develop an all-around game, but Wroton looks poised to be drafted somewhere in the first round.


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