Rodney Williams NBA Draft Profile

Rodney Williams NBA Draft Profile

Rodney Williams, Senior, Small Forward, Minnesota



Rodney Williams has yet to live up to his vast potential at Minnesota, but that vast potential makes the 6-7 small forward a viable option when it comes to the NBA. As a freshman he averaged less than 12 minutes per game, but still proved to be a capable scorer. On the year he averaged 4.2 points and also had a decent amount of rebounds, assists, steals and blocks considering his limited playing time.

During his sophomore season Williams stepped into a starting role, but it was really a disappointing year. He doubled his playing time, but only averaged 6.8 points per game. His horribly inconsistent outside shooting and his sub 50 percent free-throw shooting did not help at all. Yet, even when Williams was not scoring, he did do a decent job on the glass and improved his ball handling skills. The scoring could be left to others while Williams did a little bit of everything else.

Final Projection:

Yet, Williams should be a scorer. He is a superb athlete who, at 6-7, can fly above the rim and finish with ease. As an upperclassman he needs to gain more confidence and attack the basket. However, his free-throw shooting woes may hinder that confidence. In the end Williams can be a fine all-around player, but it will come down to his shooting. If his jump shot falters, Williams draft stock will fall.

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