Maalik Wayns NBA Draft Profile

Maalik Wayns NBA Draft Profile

Maalik Wayns, Junior, Point Guard, Villanova



After playing 30+ minutes per game as a sophomore, Maalik Wayns returns to Villanova ready to increase his influence yet again. Between his first and second year, Wayns doubled his production across the board while increasing his assists by an even larger margin. The downside came in the form of decreased shooting percentages from the field and from three. As a result, he had many impressive games but also a few very poor shooting performances.

His long range shooting consistency will have to be worked on. With the departure of stalwart Corey Fisher, Wayns will also need to become a more reliable every-game scorer. He scored at least 15 points in a game 18 times last year, which is tremendous for a second option guard, but that in and of itself proves how he was prone to disappear since his season average was below 14 points per game. 

Final Projection:

Maalik Wayns is projected to be drafted near the back end of the second round in 2012. NBA scouts want to see him improve his shooting, but also cut down on the turnovers that came from playing major minutes. He has a chance, albeit a small one, to be an impact guard off someone‚Äôs bench if he makes those steady improvements his junior year. Most likely, Wayns will be looked on as a highly successful college point guard with neither the size nor the freakish tools to be anything special at the next level. 

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