Adonis Thomas NBA Draft Profile

Adonis Thomas, Sophomore, Small Forward, Memphis



Thomas is considered highly athletic and intelligent but is in between a guard and forward at 6’6.  His post-up game is elite and he attacks the glass with fervor that can’t be taught.  Thomas is continually working on his game to make adjustments to the parts that need work. 

On the flip side, Thomas can have problems on the defensive end guarding taller players that can extend over him causing matchup problems on the block.  He also has problems at times knocking down the mid-range shot which can affect his low post game. Thomas does have the ability to change the realm of the game with athleticism, but his overall game still needs work.

Final Projection:

Thomas is a very coachable player that wants to get better all the time.  He is a great athlete that possesses a passion for winning and making teammates better all the time.  Thomas has a future in the NBA, but the question remains, at what position will he thrive?

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