Marquis Teague NBA Draft Profile

Marquis Teague, Freshman, Point Guard, Kentucky



Marquis Teague is a top ten recruit in the 2011 class, one of four top ten recruits set to join Coach John Calipari, as he and the Wildcats try to get back to the Final Four. A good point guard is something Kentucky will need with the absence of PG Brandon Knight, and Marquis Teague is poised to step right in. Teague is a blazing fast point guard with wonderful handles, making him almost impossible to guard in transition. Not only can Teague create a shot for himself, but he works well in the pick and roll, utilizing his speed to get around defenders and to the rim.

The same qualities that make Teague good on offense also make him a formidable defensive player. He is able to cover ground well with his lateral quickness and foot speed. One thing that stuck out during his play in tournaments was his lack of ability to run the offense in the half court against a zone, something he will need to improve on.

Final Projection:

Skill wise, Marquis Teague has all the tools needed to be an impact player right away. He is solid both offensively and defensively. While most do not see Teague as a pure point guard at this stage in his development, he will be on a team in Kentucky full of talented players to distribute the ball to, and work on becoming a top point guard. Looking forward, Teague could be the next in line in terms of great point guards playing for Coach Calipari. With the importance of a quality point guard at an all time high in the NBA, the words lottery and pick are certainly in Teague’s future.

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