Big East Offers Real-Time Video Highlights of the Men's Conference Tournament

Big East Offers Real-Time Video Highlights
The current ways of watching and following sports may soon be a thing of the past. According to a press release, the Big East conference is teaming up with WSC Sports Technologies to bring the men's basketball conference tournament to fans in a new way.
Straight from the press release:
The BIG EAST Conference, in partnership with W.S.C Sports Technologies, has announced the addition of real-time video highlights throughout the upcoming Men’s Basketball Tournament Presented by New York Life that will be distributed across multiple platforms as well as through a number of national publishers. 
With all the high-flying dunks, sweet three-pointers, buzzer-beaters, top plays and much more posted in real-time on Twitter (@BIGEAST and @BIGEASTMBB), YouTube and the CBS All-Access player, all the BIG EAST Tournament action is now just one click away.
And here is how some of the company's tasks are detailed from the same report:
...enables automatic video generation that empowers digital video production, as well as generates customized and personalized videos according to stats, publisher’s editorial content and fans’ preferences.
What this all means is a change in sports fandom could be on the horizon.
Right now, fans are only able to follow their teams on television or through an internet feed. However, anyone outside of the local area or without such access could be out of luck. They are forced to go online and simply read about what is going on through friends' reactions and experts' takes. With WSC Sports though, it may become much easier to follow any team, from anywhere and however you wish.
With real-time, immediate clips being distributed of all the top plays and exciting action with content based on personal preferences, keeping up with a team will be as easy as reading through a news feed. For the Big East Tournament and March Madness action, this seems ideal.
There is no other avenue that generates quite the buzz and excitement as college basketball does in March. The men's Big East tournament begins Wednesday evening, March 12. The first game will be between the Seton Hall Pirates and the Butler Bulldogs. This will be fans' first chance to scope out the new technology being utilized.