LeBryan Nash NBA Draft Profile

LeBryan Nash, Sophomore, Small Forward, Oklahoma State



Nash is a combination of height, athleticism and power that most basketball players at his level still only dream of. He at times was considered top three in the class of 2011, but after some questionable performances over the summer he has dropped a few spots in the class.  Nash attacks the rim at will and finishes in traffic maybe better than anyone in the entire class. 

Over the course of Nash’s high school career, his three point shot has gotten considerably better, making him a much more difficult player to guard with his slashing ability.  At 6’7, Nash has the ability to play two positions at the next level, leaving general managers a plethora of ideas and options at their disposal.  Nash’s main obstacle is his ego.  He has been a star for many years now and that can stage major problems if a player is not at a certain level of maturity.  In the past we have seen many players with talent lurking on the side of greatness, but if it is not corralled properly, guys like Nash become neighborhood legends.

Final Projection:

If Nash continues to mature and get better in his all-around approach to the game of basketball, he is a future lottery pick with all the intangibles he offers.  Maturity is the main thing the scouts will be watching in the years to come.  Will Nash conform to certain situations that seem out of his control and demonstrate proper actions for those settings?  There is no question, LeBryan Nash is a can’t miss player and he holds all the cards.

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