Introducing College Sports Madness

Sport sites on the internet tend to be dominated by the very large and the very small. There are a few behemoths out there that have vast resources and there are many niche sites that lack the man power or willingness to expand. But where are the sites that look beyond Duke and North Carolina or Alabama and USC? Where are the sites that give Austin Peay the same respect as Ohio State? And where are the sites that go beyond men’s basketball and FBS football?

After writing about collegiate athletics for the better part of a decade, Joel Welser thought it was time to venture out on his own. A team would need to be assembled…a journalist and editor, an individual with over 30 years of marketing experience and a zoologist, who had to learn something about web building in addition to his vast expertise of fuzzy mascots. This would be the team with the knowledge and the skills to build a website that can cover ten sports, a website that can review every story before it launches, a website that can write a preview about Florida Atlantic just as effectively as they can about Florida. The result is The Madness.

With the help of a dedicated team of writers and the behind the scenes crew, The Madness hopes to accomplish those goals. Men’s and women’s basketball along with FBS and FCS football are already underway. In January we will expand to baseball and softball. Soon thereafter we will bring the same dedication to men’s and women’s soccer. And finally, there will be lacrosse and hockey.

The Madness will cover all aspects of college sports…from recruiting right up through the draft. The previews will prepare fans for the upcoming season of their favorite sport and follow their team all the way through the postseason. The Madness hopes to help the college fan follow their favorite teams with our unique team pages that, in one place, brings together information about that school’s football squad and women’s soccer team and everything in between. Few other places will one be able to find draft rankings for UC Santa Barbara baseball players and recruit rankings for their softball players.

The Madness hopes to bring the fans all that and more and we hope you have as much fun at The Madness as we have creating it and will continue to have writing and expanding our coverage.

--The Staff