Demetri McCamey NBA Draft Profile

Demetri McCamey NBA Draft Profile

Demetri McCamey, Senior, Point Guard, Illinois


Demetri McCamey has somehow stayed under the national radar even though he is the best returning point guard in the nation. Sure, there are higher upside point guards entering their freshmen years but McCamey is at the top of the list of PGs with experience.

And he reminds me of Deron Williams. Both measure in at 6’3”. Both are between 200 and 210 pounds. Both played point guard for the Fighting Illini. Both shoot the ball very well for someone who plays the point. The main difference however is the thing that will prevent McCamey from going high in the 2012 draft. He lacks the quickness, power and explosiveness of his fellow <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Illinois guard.


Final Projection:

There is something to be said for having a good eye for the game, being a floor leader and being able to shoot from the outside. That will only take a player so far though. At some point, overall athleticism will need to be evident. Demetri McCamey has all the traits to be a successful point guard…if it was 1990. These days, point guards need to tear through defenses and get to the rim, not to mention be able to stay in front of their counterparts. McCamey can be a rotation player on an NBA team but probably won’t reach the first round of the ’12 draft.    


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