Fab Melo NBA Draft Profile

Fab Melo NBA Draft Profile

Fab Melo, Sophomore, Center, Syracuse



Not a lot can be learned from a freshman season where a player averages fewer than 10 minutes per contest. The only things to be seen are glimpses and Fab Melo showed those his first year at <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Syracuse. There were three games where Melo recorded four blocks in each. In fact, when he was given the chance to play more than 10 minutes, he averaged just under a block and a half per game.

For whatever the reason or a mix of many reasons, Fab Melo only played 20+ minutes twice all season and in those two games he ended with just 22 minutes played. He certainly got in plenty of foul trouble, perhaps had difficulty learning the Syracuse zone rotations, was not much of an offensive threat for the Orange and was not a major contributor to their overall scheme. But, as NBA scouts will tell you, he showed glimpses.


Final Projection:

Since the NBA draft is essentially finding the player with the highest ceiling, Fab Melo will be a first round pick if he enters in 2012. There are not many centers in basketball that produce on a nightly basis. It is much too early to know whether Melo can be one of those but the point is, someone will take the chance that he could be.


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