Dejan Musli NBA Draft Profile

Dejan Musli NBA Draft ProfileDejan Musli, Center, Serbia


At 7-1 and 240 pounds, Dejan Musli is a big bodied player who can make some noise under the basket. Musli used to be bigger and has lost quite a bit of weight. That has had its advantages and disadvantages. Even with the weight, Musli is not very strong and without the weight his foot speed leaves something to be desired. He can easily be beaten off the dribble or bullied to the basket by stronger opponents. Musli’s size and reach does help his defense, but that may not be enough in the NBA.

On the other side of the floor, Musli can be an effective scorer. He does not have much of an outside shot, but he is an effective interior scorer because of his size and length. His weight loss has made a bigger difference on the offensive end where he can move a little quicker when he receives an entry pass.


Final Projection:

Once Musli does get the ball in the post, he usually gets the job done. He may have some trouble backing down stronger defenders, but he has a nice hook shot and is not afraid to take the ball up against stronger defenders…for better or worse. In the end, Musli will need to add strength and polish his skills on both ends of the floor if he hopes to have a career in the NBA.


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