Hauk’s Rebels

Hauk’s Rebels

When a head coach takes over a new team for the first time there are many problems. Typically, the team that the coach is taking over is known as a losing team and a cellar dweller. The coach not only needs to change the x’s and o’s to fit his style and philosophy, but also he needs to fix the culture. Many times when teams are losing the players and the fans get used to it. Expectations are low and failure is high and common.  These are just a few of the challenges that new coaches face. Bobby Hauk was hired in December to take over for UNLV and is the tenth head honcho in the history of the school.  Hauk comes for a completely different attitude of football. He is used to winning…and a lot at that. He came from the University of Montana where he boasted an outrageously great record of 80-17. While at Montana, he also won the National Championship three times! That’s a pretty impressive track record even if it is in the Championship subdivision, formerly known as Division 1AA. In the last four years, Hauk’s team has only lost six games while compiling 51 wins!  Now Hauk is taking over a Bowl Division team, commonly known as Division 1. This is not a walk in the park. But if there is a man who is ready to take on the job, it most certainly is him.

The first thing that Hauk decided to do was change the culture. He needed to instill willingness and an expectation to win football games. One way to do this is to energize the fan base. Hauk went right to work at that by recruiting the best class UNLV has ever seen.  Although none of these players are in the top 100 of the recruiting class overall, ten of these players were rated at least three stars out of five. That is a great start to not only energize the fan base to start building wins, but also to put the talent on the field to live up to those expectations. In all likelihood, these players will not make an instant impact as freshmen, but I would fully expect these to be starters two to three years down the road. This recruiting class was a great start for UNLV, Hauk, and their fans. It is already starting to show just how good Hauk is at coaching football in the college ranks. As a heads up to all football fans, learn this man’s name because it will become a household name because his team is going to make a splash in the Mountain West Conference and all of college football.

                One thing is for certain about Bobby Hauk’s teams. They will play special teams and play it dominantly. We have seen the likes of Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech, and how good their special teams are, and how that translates into the all-important W’s. UNLV will be no different. Special teams is one-third of the game of football, but a one-third of it that many people neglect because it isn’t sexy or flashy. It seems boring and unimportant, but it truly is not. It is a much bigger part of the game than many people realize. This is not lost on Hauk and will not be lost on his team. 

                UNLV may not win ten games this season, but in the near future don’t be surprised if they are a perennial ten win team. Like Moses leading the Egyptians, Hauk is going to lead the UNLV Rebels out of the desert after decades of suffering to the Promised Land, chalk full of ten win seasons, Bowl games, and conference championships. UNLV fans should be ecstatic about their new hire and their football future.   

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