Jeremiah Attaochu NFL Draft Profile

Jeremiah Attaochu NFL Draft Profile

Jeremiah Attaochu, Senior, Defensive End, Georgia Tech



Jeremiah Attaochu is developing into one of those college players who can't be ignore for the next level. His production has always been there. Prior to his senior year, he had already accumulated 19 career sacks and had double digit tackles for loss as a sophomore and junior. His senior year, not even completed yet, has made that three years in a row and brought his career sack figures approaching 30. The production was never the issue. It was the other things. Although he has good size and speed, he was thought of as a slow player in terms of diagnosing and reading actions. He also plays inconsistently at times.


Final Projection:

There is a long list of under-drafted players who overachieve. This group is often made up of productive collegiate players who lack something for the pros. Usually that something is size or speed or both. In Attaochu's case, the something he lacks is harder to define. He has the tangibles that NFL scouts covet. Because of this, the other things will be easier to overlook and teams will think he can learn and grow as a player. If it was the other way around and Jeremiah had great instincts but was small, he would be drafted later. Since he lacks in something that can be improved upon, he will be taken earlier than where he grades out at.


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