Aaron Colvin NFL Draft Profile

Aaron Colvin NFL Draft Profile

Aaron Colvin, Senior, Cornerback, Oklahoma



As the years have progressed, so has Aaron Colvin's production on the field. His pass coverage has improved and his interception and pass breakup figures have steadily climbed from his freshman year to his sophomore year and from his sophomore year to his junior year. He has also proven himself a good tackler and solid corner in run support. This is partly thanks to good technique and partly because of the good size Colvin possesses. With above average height for a cornerback, Colvin is able to occasionally excel in bump-and-run press coverage. He also has acceptable recovery speed to balance out his game.


Final Projection:

With the glut of defensive backs eligible for the 2014 draft, Aaron Colvin may find it difficult to separate himself from his competition. The fact that the Oklahoma Sooners have been playing poorly his senior year is no help to his cause. With first day abilities in a normal year, there may be as many as five other corners rated around him or higher come draft day. This should hurt his draft stock but may make him into one of draft day's best bargains in the long run.


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