Ashton Gibbs NBA Draft Profile

Ashton Gibbs NBA Draft ProfileAshton Gibbs, Senior, Point Guard, Pittsburgh


Gibbs made a smart decision to return to school for his senior year and hopefully build on what was a very impressive junior season. Ashton Gibbs, in really his first year running the Panthers show, shot 47% from the floor, 89% from the line and an astonishing 49% from three on over 200 attempts. Shooting like that doesn’t happen accidentally, especially in the defensive driven Big East conference.

The problems with Gibbs really are completely out of his control. He is a two-guard trapped in a point guard’s body. He has never put up tremendous passing or assist/turnover stats yet isn’t big enough to play shooting guard in the NBA unless he is able to summon his inner Stephen Curry.


Final Projection:

There really isn’t much left to be determined from Gibbs’ senior season as far as NBA scouts are concerned. If he puts together another spectacular shooting year and backs up what he was able to do last year running <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 />Pittsburgh’s offense, he will make an NBA team. However, that doesn’t mean he will get drafted. With a very low ceiling, NBA teams are hesitant to draft players like Gibbs. They know what he is and even though he may be able to help a team, where is the upside? 


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