Evan Fournier NBA Draft Profile

Evan Fournier NBA Draft ProfileEvan Fournier, Shooting Guard, France



Evan Fournier first made a name for himself at the U18 European Championships in 2009. Early in the tournament the 6-6 shooting guard was average at best, but he exploded during France’s last four games. Against some quality competition, Fournier averaged nearly 20 points per game over the span of four games in five days.

Scoring outputs like that are not uncommon for Fournier while he plays in his native France at Poitiers, but the difference is during the U18 European Championship he actually started to hit his outside shot. That is Fournier’s big issue as he heads towards the NBA. He seems like he could have a nice shot, but something is just off. That might be able to be fixed with some coaching, but it will take time.


Final Projection:

To make up for his poor outside shooting, Fournier is a bull when attacking the basket. He has the size and quickness to get to the rim against most opponents and he often takes defenders by surprise with his athleticism. Fournier’s aggressiveness may be his greatest asset, but he does not just charge through the paint. For France he is often asked to run the point and he can be very sly with the ball in his hands. His versatility is a huge plus, but showing some consistency with his jump shot would see Fournier’s stock rise very quickly.


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