Michael Carter-Williams NBA Draft Profile

Michael Carter-Williams, Sophomore, Shooting Guard, Syracuse



Williams is a complete basketball player, but he is a bit fragile at 6’5 175, but he attacks the rim with more fervor than most in this class.  He shows little remorse for anyone in his way to the rim.  Williams can fill it up from the arc, which then leads to drives to the hoop. 

Another major plus about Williams is his eagerness to learn the point position.  At his height it is scary to think about him distributing the ball, slashing to the hoop, and pulling up from deep.  The only weakness the scouts see visible at the moment is his stature.  At 6’5, but only 175 it’s considered dangerous for the contact he takes during the course of games.  Scouts hope he gains weight so he will be able to absorb more contact.


Final Projection:

There is no doubt that once Williams gains weight he will play in the NBA.  He can score any way imaginable on the court and is learning the point guard position only to add to his repertoire.  Williams’s ability is sky high and he should enter the lottery at some point, but the weight is playing a major part at this point in his career.


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