Reggie Bullock NBA Draft Profile

Reggie Bullock NBA Draft ProfileReggie Bullock, Junior, Shooting Guard, North Carolina



Anyone who watched North Carolina play last season would hesitate to anoint Reggie Bullock as anything more than a solid role-player. After just one season, he seems destined to leave too early for the NBA and join the recent list of Roy Williams’ recruits who just didn’t seem to pan out into anything.

 However, anyone who watched Bullock in high school knows why he was so highly regarded entering his freshman season in Chapel Hill and why he is still thought of highly for NBA purposes.


Final Projection:

Playing time may become an issue for Bullock this coming season with almost the entire Elite Eight Carolina team returning, plus the addition of a couple top flight freshmen. If he does indeed sink on the depth chart, he will be silly to leave school early as he will have gained almost no consistent collegiate basketball experience. Although he could still be taken in the first round of the 2012 draft, he will be too young and inexperienced to contribute anything right away.


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