Wayne Blackshear NBA Draft Profile


Wayne Blackshear, Sophomore, Shooting Guard, Louisville



Blackshear is physically ready to help any team he joins.  He’s 6’5 and 205 and can attack the rim and finish in a packed lane.  Blackshear is an athletic joy to watch play the game of basketball.  He can leap out of the gym and plays the game with a graceful presence. 

Other major facets of his game are his mid-range shot and his rebounding.  The downside of Blackshear is his three point shot.  His physical build has gotten him by for years, but if he is to continue moving up levels of the game he must get better from downtown.  It becomes much easier to guard players of Blackshear’s type if they are not a threat from the arc.  Blackshear also needs to develop a consistent post-up game.  With his build he could dominate smaller guards on the block all night.


Final Projection:

In the overall perspective of Wayne Blackshear, he has an NBA body, but he needs to work endlessly on finding a consistent three point shot and a post game to wear down smaller guards.  Blackshear has been given a very strong frame, but it’s now up to him to continue to work and develop.


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