Khem Birch NBA Draft Profile


 Khem Birch, Sophomore, Power Forward, UNLV


Birch plays monster defense with length and a God given athletic ability that most are not blessed with.  His timing is impeccable at blocking and altering shots around the rim, along with rebounding that correlates into a complete menace on the block.  Birch plays above the rim and shows extreme force on finishing dunks and put backs.  He can run the floor with anybody and seems to always find the bucket in traffic. 

As with many big men, his offensive game needs work.  He can hit the mid-range jumper, but he needs to have plenty of space.  Birch needs to continue working on his post-up game and passing out of double teams to free up space for himself.  At times he relies too much on his athletic ability rather than finding a solid position on the block that would help his game immensely.


Final Projection:

Plain and simple, Birch is a future lottery pick.  He needs to continue working on his offensive game, but once it catches up with his defensive game, Birch will be a terror at the next level, with multiple All-Star games to put on his resume.


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