Harrison Barnes NBA Draft Profile


Harrison Barnes, Sophomore, Small Forward, UNC



If Harrison Barnes had not had such a strong desire to complete what North Carolina started by winning a National Championship and he instead declared for the 2011 NBA draft, he would have been selected number two overall.

Although he didn’t live up to his high freshman expectations, Barnes really had a stellar season for the Tar Heels, especially after his team’s point guard situation was figured out. He averaged over 19 points per game the final 20 contests of the season. The combination of size, strength and shooting touch makes Barnes a perfect small forward for the NBA game.


Final Projection:

Harrison Barnes has all the tools to excel in the NBA even without high end, top notch athleticism. Even though we have him ranked eighth in the nation right now for 2012, another good season could change that. Another Elite Eight or Final Four run for UNC led by Barnes and he could easily propel himself into the top three next year.


5/31/12 Update by Dan Levine:

This season was not as sensational as Barnes or NBA scouts would have liked, but he was still very good.  He led the Tar Heels in scoring at 17 points per game.  He did not have the gaudy numbers you would expect for the number one player out of high school two years ago, but he will still get drafted in the top 6 simply based on his athleticism and his skill set.


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