Pablo Aguilar NBA Draft Profile

Pablo Aguilar NBA Draft ProfilePablo Aguilar, Small Forward, Spain



At 6-9 and 200 pounds, Pablo Aguilar is a very intriguing small forward prospect. He is a good athlete who can finish above the rim with ease and has a nice looking stroke from beyond the arc. The Granada, Spain native has played against some superb competition during his career with CB Granada and more recently on loan to CAI Zaragoza.

Because of his size Aguilar could be a power forward in the NBA as well. However, he will not be a banger under the basket. If he does end up at the four spot, Aguilar will not bang around in the paint too effectively, but he can stretch out the defense with his shooting ability.


Final Projection:

Aguilar has plenty of experience playing against quality competition, but he has not performed very well lately. Aguilar has relied on his outside shooting for much of his career, but his shooting numbers are dipping quickly. If he cannot find his shot, his dynamic offensive ability is pretty much gone. Things are not too great on the other side of the floor either. Aguilar has trouble defending in the post, but he also lacks the speed to defend on the perimeter so if his offensive game does not return, Aguilar will have trouble finding a spot in the NBA.


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