2014 NFL Draft Risers and Fallers - Week 3 Football

Texas A&M vs. Alabama College Football, Johnny Manziel




 1. Johnny Manziel - QB 6-0 200 So. Redshirt - Texas A&M

Showing what appeared to be a stronger arm than in his 2012 Heisman Trophy year, Manziel also showed the ability to make many different throws such as dropping his deep throws in the bucket and being able to drill his shorter passes with accuracy.  But what caught my attention was the fact that Alabama recruits top athletes for its football program and Manziel was a better athlete than all of them.


2.  A.J. McCarron - QB 6-3 214 Sr. - Alabama

Even though he doesn't have a cannon for an arm (neither did Joe Montana), McCarron dissected the Texas A&M defense while making different throws.  But what impressed many was how coolly he brought his team back from a 14-0 deficit and went on to throw 4 TDs with no interceptions while being in hostile "12th man" territory.  While he is not the dynamic player that Manziel is, he has to get credit for his efficiency as there are many coaches who will tell you that many games are lost rather than won.  And making that point is the Johnny Manziel interception that he threw to Vinnie Sunseri that was returned for a TD and 7 points, which was the difference in the 49-42 score.


3.  DeMarcus Lawrence - OLB 6-3 242 Jr. Redshirt - Boise State

Lawrence plays a hybrid DE/OLB position where he is many times down in a three point stance as a DE and sometimes in an up position where he is dropping back in pass coverage.  He has long arms, quickness, explosion and closing speed and can make some terrific plays.  But where he stands out from some of the other top OLB prospects is his ability to play off blocks and accelerate to the ball carrier and make a play.  The negatives are that although he is well proportioned, he is not muscular and there are times when he could use more strength and time in the weight room. And there are those red flags waving around him as he has been suspended three times, so NFL teams will be watching closely to see if he might become another Von Miller.


4. Terrance Bullitt - OLB 6-2 221 Sr. - Texas Tech

Plagued by a shoulder injury throughout the 2012 season, Bullitt was outstanding in last week's win against TCU.  He made many tackles, and some were spectacular such as the first play of the game when he made a terrific charge and tackle for no gain.  Later he played off a block and made a tackle in the backfield. He showed explosion and an ability to play off blocks to make plays.  In addition, he broke up at least two pass plays, one of which was a key play in the game.


5.  Le'Raven Clark - LOT 6-5 303 So. Redshirt - Texas Tech

Big, strong and having run a sub 5.0 forty, Clark also exhibited football skills in the game against TCU.  His attributes include: very good feet, the ability to adjust to moves and strength. He blocked very well and was sometimes lined up against Devonte Fields.  He did well against Fields except when he was beaten badly with his pass rush once time.  But Clark showed that he has all the basics to develop into a top flight LOT.


6.  Ryan Shazier - OLB 6-2 222 Jr. - Ohio State

I once wrote that you don't have to look for him but that his play will stand out to the point that you will know who he is; and that was true against California. Locating the ball and getting to it are his strengths, in addition to getting a speed sack and forced fumble by beating the OT around the edge.   He hustles and chases and is a very active player.  I'm not sure how his lean build will hold up in the NFL (Lavonte David) but his play is outstanding.  Junior WR Devin Smith and senior WR Corey Brown, both of Ohio State, also showed really well in this game.


7.  Connor Shaw - QB 6-1 204 Sr. - South Carolina

Shaw doesn't get a lot of mention with the top QBs in the country but he does a commendable job every time he steps on the field.  He is tough, a competitor, can run to keep the chains moving, and is completing some really good throws. Hewould get more attention except that he is in such a deep QB class.  Canada could be an option for him if not the NFL.



1.  DeAndre Coleman - DT 6-5 320 Sr. - California

One of the highest rated DT's heading into the season, Coleman’s play against Ohio State would not even get him drafted.  He has great size for a DT, muscular arms and sometimes shows a good charge, but even when he does show a good charge his feet stop on contact.  He plays high, has no counter moves, doesn't show a pass rush and has no idea where the ball is.  He gets locked on blocks with the offensive lineman to the point where they look like hugging bears.


2.  Bradley Roby - CB 5-11 292 Jr. - Ohio State

The highest rated CB in the country, Roby was repeatedly beaten deep by California WRs and on one occasion made a poor tackle attempt with no chase after being beaten.  Now he did make some really good tackles in this game, one being a saving tackle on a kick return and he did cover WR Bryce Treggs well, but there were at least four times when he was beaten deep, which would be a major concern.  In summary, he was a strong tackler who could cover short but was regularly beaten deep.  "Toast" doesn't look good on a cornerback's resume.