Louis Nix NFL Draft Profile

Louis Nix NFL Draft Profile

Louis Nix, Junior, Defensive Tackle, Notre Dame



Numbers can be deceptive for a defensive tackle. On the surface, it may seem that Louis Nix is not Notre Dame's best defensive lineman. He does not accumulate the tackles in the backfield or sacks that others do. However, that comes with the territory of playing as a zero-technique nose tackle. His job is to get a push on the offensive line, plug holes up the middle, and make things easy for his ends and backers. Nix was one of Notre Dame's best players last season, improving the credentials of fellow Irish defenders like Manti Te'o and Stephon Tuitt along the way. Another stellar season up front may not result in many more stats for Nix but a great Irish season would be in no small part thanks to the big man in the middle of the defensive line.


Final Projection:

For a large human (pushing 350 pounds depending on who you ask), Nix is quite nimble. He is also incredibly powerful and agile for a nose tackle. Although not an elite pass rusher, defensive tackles rarely are. In the NFL, much like in college, Louis Nix will be asked to take on blocks and open holes for linebackers coming behind him. And on occasion, he will need to burst through centers and guards and make plays himself. Fortunately he has the skills to accommodate those requests. All the tape points to him being the best defensive tackle in the country. If not for a certain end in South Carolina, Louis Nix may have had a shot at being the best defender period.


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