Jadeveon Clowney NFL Draft Profile

Jadeveon Clowney NFL Draft Profile

Jadeveon Clowney, Junior, Defensive End, South Carolina



The numbers are nice of course: 21 career sacks and 35.5 tackles for loss entering his junior year. He's forced eight fumbles in those 25 games played and would have more than 11 quarterback hurries if he got to the passer a bit slower sometimes. While the numbers are nice, the highlights are just as impressive. And while players are remembered through clips and video, Jadeveon Clowney's future may be his most overwhelming attribute. With just two years played, before his junior year even began, he was already thought of as the far-and-away best player in the country. Just imagine what people will be saying once the young man has some experience under his belt.


Final Projection:

Critics have been bringing up Clowney's lack of effort, saying he does not give 100% on every play. He will also face double and triple-teams on nearly every down his junior year. However, there are only two remote possibilities that will keep him from becoming the number one pick in the 2014 NFL draft. The first reason would be an injury that either slows him down all year or sidelines him. Teams may be hesitant to select a rush end coming off of a serious injury with the first overall pick. The only other thing that will keep Clowney from going number one would be if the team selecting first has a dire need at quarterback and believes a college quarterback is their franchise guy.


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