Adrian Hubbard NFL Draft Profile

Adrian Hubbard NFL Draft Profile

Adrian Hubbard, Junior, Linebacker, Alabama



At a height of 6'6", Adrian Hubbard stands out at the linebacker position. The problem with playing backer for Alabama though is that he cannot stand out for his playmaking. Their unit is simply too good. Along with C.J. Mosley and Trey DePriest, UA probably has the best group of linebackers seen in some time. While Mosley is thought of as the best, and was put on the preseason All-SEC first team, Hubbard has some ridiculous talent of his own. Adrian made the All-SEC second team and returns as the team's leading man in sacking the quarterback. He also led the Tide in tackles for loss last season.


Final Projection:

If there was a formula for becoming a first round NFL draft pick, it would involve becoming a rush end or rush linebacker, tallying a whole heck of a lot of sacks and tackles behind the line of scrimmage, then entering the draft. Unfortunately for Adrian Hubbard, he followed this formula in his sophomore year, meaning he was not eligible for the draft. Returning as a junior, Hubbard is a projected first round pick. He needs to have another successful year though and be careful not to get drowned out by the rest of Alabama's pro prospects.


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