Jeoffrey Pagan NFL Draft Profile

Jeoffrey Pagan NFL Draft Profile

Jeoffrey Pagan, Junior, Defensive End, Alabama



The numbers aren't quite there yet for Jeoffrey Pagan but the promise and potential is. As a freshman, the big man played sparingly, seeing action in just six games. His playing time increased as a sophomore, as he played in every one of Alabama's games last season as a reserve. But he still accounted for just 1.5 sacks. This has a lot to do with the team around him and the fact that he wasn't starting but it also shows that Pagan's game is not mature yet. Normal progression should see Jeoffrey start for the Tide defense as a junior, and his numbers should follow suit. With Adrian Hubbard and others to worry about, it is unlikely Pagan would see much in the way of double teams, increasing his chances for success.


Final Projection:

Unless Jeoffrey Pagan has an outstanding junior year, leading the team in sacks and explodes on the scene, he will probably be better served returning for his senior year. Even if NFL teams see him as a top defensive line talent, he has not had the reps or experience necessary to prepare him for the next level. A good junior year should put him in the conversation as an early to mid-round selection but following that up with an awesome senior season would set Pagan up perfectly for his pro career if he so chooses.


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