Trey DePriest NFL Draft Profile

Trey DePriest NFL Draft Profile

Trey DePriest, Junior, Linebacker, Alabama



Arguably the worst of Alabama's three starting linebackers, Trey DePriest still remains one of the best backers in the Southeastern Conference. This speaks to the unparalleled depth and talent that the Crimson Tide has at the position, and on defense as a whole. DePriest is not the pass rusher Adrian Hubbard is and is not the sideline to sideline tackler C.J. Mosley is either. Finishing second on the team in tackles a season ago, DePriest may struggle to separate himself from his linebacker mates but is a productive and heady player who is good in run support and coverage.


Final Projection:

It will be fascinating to see where Trey DePriest ends up on draft boards. If he were on a different team, it is quite possible he would reveal himself as that squad's best defensive player, make a name for himself nationally, and end up as a first round pick. Instead, if he declares for the draft after his junior year, it seems nearly impossible he will be anything better than Alabama's third best defender, maybe lower. This doesn't mean he will fall out of first day consideration. It will just be harder for the young man to distinguish himself from his peers. A Tide injury would clearly hurt the team but, as odd as it sounds, could be a huge boon for DePriest's stock.


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