Top 50 Players for the 2014 NFL Draft (#26 - #50)

Top 50 Players for the 2014 NFL Draft (#26 - #50)


26. DION BAILEY - SS 6-0 210 rJr. USC

      Recruited as a DS out of H.S. to OLB at USC and now back to SS for 2013.  He has excelled at

      OLB both against the run and against the pass and his awareness and playmaking ability should

      allow him to excel at SS.  Strong tackler who also had four interceptions and five PBU's from his

      OLB position, numbers as a DS would project him as a high draft choice.


27. COLT LYERLA - TE 6-41/2 245 Jr. Oregon

      Really athletic receiver type who can split out or play in line and is a deep threat from

      wherever located.


28. ANTONIO RICHARDSON - LOT 6-6 332 Jr. Tennessee

      Developing LOT who still has some technique issues but did well vs. Jadeveon Clowney in 2012.


29. DAVID YANKEY - OG 6-5 312 rJr. Stanford

      Played LOT in 2012 where he was voted best OLineman in conference by Pac-12 DLineman. Is

      moving to his natural OG position in 2013, where coaches have said, "best pulling OG in country."

      Technically sound plus versatility are attributes, and would be ideal for playoff contending team

      as could fit in wherever and immediately.  No grooming or training required.


30. A.J. JOHNSON -  MLB/OLB 6-2 240 Jr. Tennessee

      Has the size and ability to play any LB position.  Has proven to be very strong against the

      run but will have to show that he can also pass drop and defend against the pass.


31. DONTE MONCRIEF - WR 6-11/2 224 Jr. Ole Miss

      Is also a member of the "Freak Athlete" club and has also been freakish as a WR.


32. JASON VERRETT - CB 5-91/2 178 Sr. TCU

      This guy is as good as just about any player in the country at his position but his lack of size

       places his durability into question.  Based upon ability alone, he would be drafted much higher.


 33. LAMIN BARROW - OLB 6-11/2 232 rSr. LSU

       Has played ILB but his quickness and speed would prove valuable on the edge and, in fact,

       LSU has moved him to WLB for 2013.  And while he didn't get that much attention with Kevin

       Minter, B. Mingo, Sam Montgomery, Eric Reid and Bennie Logan also on the defense, he did

       manage to rack up 107 total tackles with 7.5 TFL, five PBU and more, and I look for him to use

       his 4.56 speed to gain national attention this year.


34A. ALLEN ROBINSON - WR 6-21/2 205 Jr. Penn State

       Good size, speed, ball catching ability and production.  Dependable WR with size and speed

       who has also been used as a kick returner, which shows that he has speed and running ability.


34B. MIKE EVANS - WR 6-4 225 rSoph Texas A&M

       Good size, speed, ball catching ability and production. Isn't really a burner and many of his

       receptions are contested, which indicates he can be covered. Gets tie with Robinson

       however, as Evans has  4.47 speed and averaged 13.5 yds. on 83 receptions 

       while Robinson has his 4.43 speed and averaged 13.2 yds. on 77 receptions.


 35. AARON COLVIN - CB 5-111/2 182 Sr. Oklahoma

       Led Sooners in total tackles in 2011 and was third in 2012 and also can cover and play the

       ball.  Good awareness and stands out in TV games that I have seen, but it has been claimed that

       he is inconsistent and he too is not the biggest.



       He jumps out at you from his MLB position when you watch UConn play. Has size, speed,

       awareness, athleticism and playmaking ability to play any LB position.  Has shown some pass

       defense ability but would like to see more as he seems to have an attack mentality.


 37. TAYLOR LEWAN - LOT 6-61/2 304 rSr. Michigan

       Prototype size/speed for the position along with All-American and All-Conference honors. He

       surprised people by returning for his senior season.  And while he did pretty well vs. Jadeveon

       Clowney in Michigan's bowl game, his lateral foot quickness, COD and adjusting to inside

       moves are a work in progress as was evident in the Northwestern game. Much to work with

       however, as he has shown some nastiness, has good attitude and is team leader.  He could

       improve from this ranking for LOT or be considered for ROT or OG.


 38. SHAYNE SKOV - MLB/ILB  6-21/2 244 rSr. Stanford

       In 2010 he led the Cardinal in tackles and tied for the team lead in TFL and PBU, was brilliant

       in their bowl game, went down with knee injury in 2011, came back to lead in tackles again

       in 2012 but didn't show the explosion that he had before.  Spring reports indicate that the

       explosion is back and if so, could vault into the first round.  He too, like Smallwood, should show

       more on pass defense as an attack mentality would also apply to Skov.


 39. GABE JACKSON - OG 6-3 335 rSr. Mississippi State

       Physically dominant and space eater who can anchor on pass blocking.


 40. KA'DEEM CAREY - RB 5-10 198 Jr. Arizona

       Outstanding runner and pass receiver and while his 4.43 forty doesn't match Lache Sistrunk's

       4.34, Carey has so far proven to be more of a workhorse and pass receiver than the other

       RBs.  Can run between the tackles and turn the corner and was nation's leading rusher and

       1st Team All-American in 2012 but has had some off the field issues to be considered.


 41. SCOTT CRICHTON - DE 6-3 260 rJr. Oregon State

       Since the name of the game is "get the QB" (sorry Commissioner, I didn't mean it that way),

       this is what Crichton does best as being honored 1st Team All-Pac 12 last year in a

       conference loaded with good DE's.  Probably would be best in a 4/3 defense with OLB in

       a 3/4 a possibility.


 42. KAREEM MARTIN - DE 6-5 265 Sr. North Carolina

       Ideal size and speed for a 4/3 DE and was 2nd Team All-ACC in 2012 and was productive

       with four sacks, 11.5 TFL and eight QB hurries but at times looked more like a terrific athlete

       (which he is), than a player with good football techniques.  Improvement in those techniques

       instead of just relying on his natural athleticism will elevate his draft stock.


 43. LACHE SISTRUNK - RB 5-9 210 rJr. Baylor

       His explosive breakaway speed resulted in an average of 7.7 yards per carry but that was

       on a limited basis and he only had nine pass receptions so we need to see more; BUT this year

       he again will be splitting time with another good RB, in Glasco Martin. Is he a situational RB

       only?  David Wilson, former 1st round pick of the NY Giants, is listed at 5-9, 205 and Lache could

       be compared to him.


 44. JEOFFREY PAGAN - DE 6-31/2 290 Jr. Alabama

       Backup on national championship team in 2012, he displayed strength and pass rushing ability

       and is on the verge of a breakout campaign.  Size, speed and quickness to play DE in a 4/3

       or 3/4, he was highly rated out of H.S. and now gets a chance to prove his mettle.


 45. JACKSON JEFFCOAT - OLB 6-4 245 Sr. Texas

       No. 2 rated recruit coming out of H.S., he has been limited by injuries and while he plays DE

       at Texas, his size, agility and 4.58 forty would make him an ideal OLB in any scheme.


 46. TRE BOSTON - FS 6-0 205 Sr. North Carolina

        Size, speed and athleticism for the position.


 47. JACE AMARO - TE 6-41/2 257 Jr. Texas Tech

       Was on his way to standout season in 2012 but then missed five games with a rib injury. He

       averaged 16.4 yards per catch on 25 receptions and played on special teams.  His 4.5 speed

       as a TE makes him a real weapon either flexed out or from the traditional TE spot.


 48. MIKE DAVIS - WR 6-1 193 Sr. Texas

       Another highly rated H.S. player who hasn't garnered national attention to date, he still

       managed to use his 4.43 speed for 57 catches, 16.5 yds. per catch and seven TDs.  He is

       acrobatic, can high point the ball and go after it in traffic and expected improvement from

       QB David Ash could propel Davis onto the national stage.


 49. CAMERON FLEMING - ROT 6-51/2 318 rJr. Stanford

       Ideal size and 4.80 forty (best of all OTs) and was Honorable Mention All-Pac 12 in 2012

       and pre-season 1st Team All-Pac 12 in 2013 and he has that "Stanford thing" going for him.

       I selected him over LOT prospects Cameron Erving, Seantrel Henderson and Morgan Moses

       as teams still do use ROT's and with his measurable might even be a possibility at LOT.


 50. ANTONE EXUM - CB 6-0 224 Sr. Virginia Tech

       One of my favorite players so I had to mention him.  After a terrific 2012 season and MVP

       of the Russell Bowl, he went down with an ACL in a pickup basketball game.  He later claimed

       that he played the season on a weak knee, which eventually gave out. Since the injury occurred

       in January of 2013, he may not get much playing time this year but he really stood out in the

       Virginia Tech games that I saw as is attested to by his five interceptions and 16 passes broken

       up even while carrying 224 pounds.


QUARTERBACKS - The difference of opinion on the QB's eligible for the 2014 draft is startling as

       after Teddy Bridgewater there is absolutely no agreement for 2 thru 10, so I will mention some

       of the more prominent ones who will be watched closely this season.


       TAJH BOYD - QB 6-0 225 rSr. Clemson

       Can throw deep, take a beating (LSU), and still hang tough, and can use his legs to buy time,

       extend plays and also keep the chains moving.  Clemson uses him on QB draws which is one

       way that Johnny Manziel has also been used, although not recommended in the NFL. 

       Lack of height and some inconsistency are the negatives.


       A.J. Mc CARRON - QB 6-2 214 Sr. Alabama

       Has been labeled a "game manager" while others have claimed that he can make all the NFL

       throws. The naysayers claim that he doesn't have the strongest arm, while not taking into

       account that he played the last six games of 2012 with three broken ribs, which popped in and

       out and prevented him from throwing in practice during this period.  He can throw deep with

       some accuracy, but I would like to see more zip on his short and intermediate throws.  Alabama

       still lists him at 6-4 but his actual height is 6-2, and with a slight build, this mitigates against

       his draft desirability.  He has been considered the best in the nation at the check-down pass,

       which would be a small consideration if he can't show that he can make all the other throws.


       AARON MURRAY - QB 6-01/2 210 Sr. Georgia

       Despite the Drew Brees comparisons, he has been criticized for his lack of height (some passes

       have been batted down at the LOS) and that he can't win the big ones, but wasn't Peyton

       Manning criticized while at Tennessee for not being able to beat Florida?  Well, that lack of

       height hasn't prevented him from throwing for over 3,000 yards for three straight years and in

       the toughest conference in the country.  He was second in the nation to McCarron in passing

       efficiency and led the nation in yards per completion with 15.63.  Actually Devin Gardner of

       Michigan was higher, but he had limited throws.  As Georgia ended up at about Alabama's

       four yard line as the clock ran out, if Aaron had had another seven seconds or so people might

       be talking about him and A.J. McCarron a little differently.


       STEPHEN MORRIS - QB 6-11/2 215  Miami

       Has become the hot prospect after shining during spring practice and then at the Manning

       Passing Academy during the summer.  Scouts now consider him to have the strongest

       Arm, or at least one of the strongest arms, improved accuracy, rush avoidance and run ability.

       He has the 2013 season to improve upon his 2012 completion percentage of 58.2 and his

       passing efficiency rating of 138.07.


       There are too many others to mention here as this is a very deep QB class but I do want to

       mention my sleeper QB in BRENDON KAY, 6-4 233 from Cincinnati who could be a

       surprise entrant into the QB stakes.


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