Top Ten Reasons Why Ball State Will Win the MAC West

Top Ten Reasons Why Ball State Will Win the MAC West



10. After two years of letting the West slip away, Ball State has the experience to actually get it done this time around.

9. Malik Perry is the only player of note not returning to the Cardinals.

8. Randy Davis is the best point guard in the Mid-American Conference that nobody is talking about.

7. Western Michigan has potential, but the youngsters like Matt Stainbrook and Juwan Howard Jr. will not sneak up on anybody this year.

6. Matt Kamieniecki and Zach Fields are getting big enough and strong enough to stop WMU’s Matt Stainbrook.

5. Jarrod Jones is a legitimate candidate to win the conference player of the year award.

4. Jauwan Scaife is an upperclassman who, with a little more consistent shooting, is ready to explode onto the scene.

3. Central Michigan and Toledo will be better, but not good enough.

2. It only takes a 7-9 record to win the MAC West.

1. And the number one reason why Ball State will win the MAC West…because David Letterman would almost be proud.  

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